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"Bathing is not just a matter of cleanliness" points out Scalari, a psychologist and psychotherapist in Venice, "but it is a very pleasant ritual, which allows the baby to be immersed in water (an element well known to him since he has spent its first nine months!). If done together with the mother, then, it can turn into a moment of great intimacy, favored by the water, which facilitates skin-to-skin contact and the exchange of cuddles and hugs ".

A precious baggage. And cuddles are the main ingredient to give to the little one during the bath. "The interactive game between skin sensations, smiling faces, reassuring voices is not only a source of immediate pleasure, but will leave an indelible memory in the child's mind", emphasizes the psychologist. "One day, albeit far away, he will seek that pleasure in the pampering of his beloved or in a sweet relaxation in the water: the ancestral memory will have marked forever that there, in the firm arms of the parent and the relaxing caress of the water, 'is pleasure ”.

Getting in tune. Immersed in hot water with the mother, the little one will show his satisfaction with happy cries and faces, which the mother can indulge and repeat to make him even happier and become even more in symbiosis with him. But always following his rhythms, without accelerating them so as not to over-excite him, otherwise he will pass into tears.

Play together! The bath is also a moment of play, in which the mother is there at her complete disposal, ready to play with her baby with floating ducklings and fish and to get involved in his sketches and little 'messes'. And never mind if some sketches end up out of the tub!

Overcoming fears. Taking a bath with the mother is an opportunity to overcome any 'aversions' towards water: its reassuring presence, in fact, will allow a gradual approach to this element which will make the child more courageous. Of course, his favorite puppet can also enter the tub, to which of course the mother will bathe and shampoo!

Feel all united. If there is an older brother, why not involve him in this new ritual? Before entering the water he will be able to help his mother in the preparations (so as to feel 'great'), and then he will be able to enter the water too, pass the "tools" to his mother and play all together. The important thing is to establish already before the bath that it is the mother's turn to wash the baby and that you must not scare him with excessive splashes!

L's surrounding at this point. "Before entering the tub, all possible interference must be eliminated: TV and mobile phone must be strictly turned off and no loud music, because intimacy is not created in the din! " concludes Scalari.

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