Beautiful and glowing skin in pregnancy

The face: do you have dry or oily skin?

Deep cleansing is important for all skin types. With dry skin it should be delicate, so don't use regular soaps and lotions! Gentle cleansing gels or face soaps with a neutral pH are fine. Their slightly greasy substances help maintain the protective coat of the skin and moisturize the skin. If the skin tightens or flakes, the daily cream for dry skin should contain both oily substances and moisturizing agents. A fat-free moisturizer could swell the skin and cause it to lose even more water. Ideal active substances? Moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid and urea, aloe vera and vitamin E.

A mask once a week guarantees intense hydration. To remove the layer of dirt and sweat from the skin surface, a deep pore cleansing is recommended. Peel-off masks guarantee a job well done. The skin is wrapped with a film which, once removed, takes away the impurities with it. These products should be rich in moisturizers, but they should be low in fat, otherwise pimples will form! From time to time a yeast pack is good for you: dissolve a cube of yeast for pizza with hot water, until it forms a slightly liquid mass, apply on the face and rinse with warm water after about 5 minutes.

Three tips for beautiful skin

1. Peeling and cream

A well-groomed and silky skin is a must, not only in pregnancy. Indulge in a regular beauty ritual to have your skin caress-proof from head to toe. It will also be good for the spirit because the gentle massages stimulate the nerve endings directly under the skin. In every square centimeter there are 5 thousand.

A twice-weekly peeling eliminates dead cells, gently stimulates circulation and detoxifies the connective tissue. Peeling in the shower is perfect. A body cream is associated with the peeling: a firming body lotion hydrates and helps the skin to remain elastic and flexible, especially essential during pregnancy.

2. Masks and creams

White clay cleansing masks attract anything that weighs down the skin like magnets: dirt, sweat, bacteria. The pores are cleaned. Moroccan women have been cleaning their face, body and even hair for generations with the mineral-rich earth of the Atlas. We can do it too: the earth is already ground and ready for use. For a face pack, mix three tablespoons of this powder with warm water until it forms a mush. Leave it to soak for a moment, then apply on your face and after 15 minutes, rinse.

Now the way is clear for energy creams, which have the effect of a rejuvenating care for exhausted skin. Sugar-like substances stimulate cell renewal, vitamins stimulate microcirculation, a mix of minerals activates enzymes in the skin. Result: the complexion becomes rosy and fresh and gains in brightness.

3. Tanning

Pale, exhausted and tired. Three adjectives common to the skin of many pregnant women. The most common reason: low blood pressure. In addition, progesterone makes the walls of the veins weaker and hinders blood circulation. It's incredible: just a light tan can make the face brighter, magically eliminates small irregularities, dark spots and couperose. For the tanned look there is no need for the sun, which among other things stimulates the 'pregnancy mask' (increases the pigmentation on the face). Just use a face cream of the latest generation, which contains tanning substances in a gentle dosage. Using it daily builds up a nice light tan with a natural effect.

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