Beautiful and peculiar male names

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Are you thinking about the name to give to your baby on the way but would not like to opt for too traditional choices? Then try reading this list of beautiful and decidedly particular male names: between exotic alternatives and winks to the past, your search may finally have come to an end ...

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Nomi Del Paeseni

  1. Alberico: name of Germanic origin that evokes fantastic scenarios of Norse culture. The translation of the name is in fact "lord of the elves".
  2. Aurelio (or Aureliano): name that comes from the Latin aurum, "gold". Very evocative.
  3. Biagio: still unconventional name despite some important "exponents" (eg: Biagio Antonacci). It comes from the Latin blaesus and can be translated as "stammerer".
  4. Corrado: its meaning is "courageous in decisions" and is a rather "medieval" name.
  5. Elijah: comes from Hebrew and derives from none other than the word "Yahweh", the God of Israel.
  6. Ennio: important name (Ennius) of Latin derivation.
  7. Phaedrus: "resplendent", of Greek origin. His name day falls on November 29th.
  8. Iago: also used in the "Jago" variant, it probably derives from the better known "Jacopo".
  9. Wolf: from the Latin lupus. Saint Wolf, celebrated on July 29, was the bishop who, according to tradition, convinced Attila, king of the Huns, to spare the city of Troyes.
  10. Neri: like the actor Marcorè. It probably originated as an abbreviation of the name "Ranieri".
  11. Vasco: the origin of the name is Spanish, but by now it has been completely assimilated by our culture, even if it remains uncommon. 
  12. Tancredi: of Germanic origin, it means "reflective", "wise adviser".
  13. Tobias: from the Hebrew "Yahweh is my good". There is also the "Tobias" version, more xenophilic.
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Foreign names

The names that wink abroad sometimes they risk appearing a little too over the top, but these are definitely cool:

  1. Axel: it could be a Scandinavian translation of the name with a decidedly ancient aftertaste "Assalone", more or less translatable as "father of peace"
  2. Ayman: beautiful name of Arabic derivation. It means "lucky", "blessed by fate".
  3. Balthazar: it is the name of one of the three Magi and evokes oriental atmospheres.
  4. Bjorn: a name that in recent years is spreading more and more especially thanks to the many film and television productions dedicated to the Norse world. Its significance? "Bear"
  5. Calix: this name is a "return" foreignism, since it probably derives from the Latin calix, chalice.
  6. Dimitri: Russian variant of Demetrius, name dedicated to the Greek goddess of Nature and fertility.
  7. Finn: according to the Norse languages, Finnr was the one who came from Finland. The Anfl-Saxon world then made just this term, turning it into a very cool name.
  8. Joshua: "The Lord is my salvation".
  9. Gareth: name of Welsh origin. It means "the kind".
  10. Gavin: another name from the Anglo-Saxon world. In fact, in ancient Scottish it translates as "good hawk", referring to the hunting tradition of the time and to the name of King Arthur's nephew.
  11. Kilian: "ecclesiastical", derives from the Irish language.
  12. Malik: "king" in Hebrew. A name that exudes authority.
  13. Norman: "Man of the North". Quite common overseas, it is becoming increasingly popular also in the Old Continent.
  14. Sasha: is the Russian variant of "Alexander", which means "protector of men".
  15. Yari: also this name is of Russian origin and means "chosen by God".
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Vintage names

Ancient and not old, fascinating and not gaudy: here is a list of old fashioned names, which still today maintain an aura of authority and style and which can hardly be transformed with diminutives or nicknames.

  1. Ambrose: from the Latin Ambrosius, which however derives from a Greek word which means "immortal". Much appreciated in the Milanese area (Sant'Ambrogio is the patron saint of the Lombard capital), it is a name that still exudes class today.
  2. Agostino: another name of one of the doctors of the Church (celebrated on August 28), derives from the Latin title Augustus, reserved for emperors.
  3. Basilio: derives from the Greek substantive basilèus, "king" and means "worthy of a king"
  4. Christopher: "he who carries Christ". There is also the foreign variant "Christopher".
  5. Curzio: comes from the ancient Roman noble name Curtius. A martial name, very manly.
  6. Duccio: probably born as an abbreviation of names such as Andreuccio or Bernarduccio, but over time it has become a proper name in all respects.
  7. During: "he who lasts", "he who keeps himself strong". A name with strong medieval echoes.
  8. Egidio: epic name of Greek origin from the double etymology "son of the Aegean" or "goat". 
  9. Elio: from Helios, the "sun" of the Greeks. Short and effective.
  10. Hector: the name of Achilles' rival that expresses power and authority. In fact it translates as "regent of the people".
  11. Gualtiero: beautiful medieval name of Germanic origin. It means "one who commands the war"
  12. Ignazio: name that comes directly from Ignis, "fire". Primordial and always fascinating.
  13. Isidore: variant of Isis, the Egyptian goddess wife of Osiris. The origin of the name, however, is Greek.
  14. Italo: like "Del Paese", it is a name that probably derives from the Greek italos, "bull", intended as a symbol of fertility and power. 
  15. Leopoldo: a Germanic name of noble lineage, it means "valiant among his own".
  16. Manfredi: another name of Germanic derivation very widespread among the important families of the Middle Ages. The meaning of the name can be translated as "friend of men".
  17. Palmiro: palmarius was the Latin adjective given to pilgrims returning from the Holy Land with a stick wrapped in a palm leaf.
  18. Paris: sinks the redices into the classic epic. Paris was in fact the Trojan who kidnapped Helen unleashing the Trojan War.
  19. Rodolfo: "brave fighter". A name of Germanic origin with a vintage charm.
  20. Romeo: comes from the words Rhomaios which indicated the Roman citizens within the vast Empire.
  21. Serafino: the origin is Hebrew and can be translated as "he who burns". The Seraphim, according to the Old Testament tradition, are a category of angels who purify souls through fire.
  22. Sirius: from the Arabic "Greekized" suriyya-suriya, "the one who shines"
  23. Vinicio: comes from the Latin vinum, "wine".
  24. Zeno: a nice old style name that derives directly from Zeus, the father of the Greek gods. In fact, "Zeno" can be translated as "sacred to Zeus".
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Very rare names

  1. Adam: the name of the first man - also used in the Anglo-Saxon variant "Adam" - is not very common but remains beautiful. The meaning comes from the Hebrew: "born of the earth"
  2. Apollo: perhaps a bit high-sounding since it is the name of the Greek God of the Sun and of the Arts and Music, but certainly of great effect
  3. Berto: abbreviation of "Roberto" which however established itself as a proper name in the Middle Ages.
  4. Ciriaco: from the Latin Cyriacus which in its turn comes from the Greek kyrios, "lord". The name day is celebrated on 8 August
  5. Gabrio: "man of god", according to the translation from Hebrew.
  6. Gone: means "warrior", and is the very uncommon male version of "Ida"
  7. Indro: the origin of this word comes from Malagasy, the language of the natives of Madagascar. It roughly translates as "man of the woods".
  8. Manlio: another Roman noble name given to those born in the morning hours. It comes from manus, "good".
  9. Octavian: famous but not very common name that comes from the Republican city (even if it was the name of the first Roman emperor).
  10. Seventh: another name of the ancient city. There is also the "Septimius" variant, even rarer nowadays.
  11. Swabian: name derived from Swabia is a region of present-day Germany, the homeland of one of the most important imperial families of the Middle Ages.
  12. Wenceslas: name of Slavic origin, it means "glory of the crown". It is the name of the patron saint of the Czech Republic.
  13. Vittore: less common variant of Vittorio, clearly of Latin origin. 

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