Because breakfast is important for the whole family

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Breakfast: a pleasant habit to share with the family

These days we are all experiencing a situation out of the ordinary: families are in isolation at home to allow the contagion of the Coronavirus. It is important not to underestimate the importance of nutrition and in particular of breakfast: it is a meal that should never be skipped for several reasons.

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The importance of breakfast

Improve attention and memory

For children in this period they are studying at home and follow the lessons online, breakfast is important since it guarantees better cognitive performance, in terms of attention and memory. After an overnight fast, in fact, blood sugars are very low and skipping breakfast only prolongs this situation, so the brain finds itself without its fuel main, which are the sugars. At this point, attention and memory are weakened.

Skipping breakfast is wrong

There is a greater risk of obesity

It is not correct to think that skipping breakfast will eat less overall, but on the contrary: skipping breakfast is also associated with a increased risk of overweight and obesity. Also, it triggers one hormonal and metabolic imbalance which promotes weight gain. Children who do not eat breakfast during the day are at risk of eating more and doing it badly, with binge after hoursIf you have not eaten for breakfast, in the middle of the morning they devour snacks and snacks that take away the appetite for lunch. Consequently, at noon we remain light, and then return to fill up for a snack, and so on. Starting an improper diet.

The ideal breakfast

What to eat for breakfast?

The ideal breakfast should guarantee the 15-20% of daily calories, which are about 270-360 for a 6-10 year old child and about 300-400 for teenagers and adults.
It is advisable that the breakfast consists of a liquid part - 150 ml of milk, even with a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa or barley coffee, or 125 grams of white yogurt without sugar - and a solid part.

For example: a slice of bread (30-40 grams) or 2/3 wholemeal rusks with jam without added sugar, honey or hazelnut spread. Alternatively 3/4 biscuits, 25-30 grams of cereals or a slice of cake, perhaps with some dried fruit. To all this you can add a fresh fruit, perhaps in pieces in yogurt.

Breakfast: a good habit for the whole family

What if the child doesn't want to know about breakfast?

It often happens that, as soon as you get up, you have to immediately prepare to carry out the activities of the morning, while you are still half asleep, so sometimes you do not want to eat. In these cases one should try to anticipate the time to go to sleepe. Also mom and dad should lead by example by having breakfast, sitting at the table with the children.

To help the child and whet his appetite, try to indulge his preferences, in such a way as to get him used to having breakfast and make it a pleasant time to spend with the family.

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