Because the involvement of the father from the first months of the child is good for both of us

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We often talk about the beneficial role of the mother in the first week of life of newborns because she is responsible for the first care, the understanding of how to start breastfeeding well and in general the first moments of a life that has just begun. In reality, however, some research confirms that the role of the father in the first months of the child it makes a difference, and how. And not only on the delicate balance of the newborn, but also (and in the long term) on the mental well-being of the father. Although psycho-pedagogical literature has in recent years turned the spotlight on the importance of the paternal role in the educational growth of children, those first moments of intimacy are often seen as a secret between mother and child, a space that no one else can enter. Instead, various researches point to the importance of the early relationship, from the first moments of the child's life, between father and son. Because it is good for everyone, in a circular way for the family and more intimate for all its members.

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  • The role of the father in the first months of the child and its influences
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The role of the father in the first months of the child and its influences

If it is true that in the new family model the father is the protagonist, it must also be added that often maternal exclusivity covers the real effects and benefits that the father-son relationship can have on the child even immediately after birth. According to a research by Frontiers in Psychiatry, the situation in which the father also connects emotionally, feels involved and useful in the new family menage also benefits the parent and not just the child. Researchers have shown that early attachment helps the father to feel better even after some time, to avoid situations in which anxiety e trough show up at the door, complicating private and professional life. The research has identified three major indicators in which the father recognizes his maximum satisfaction:

  • how many hours do you spend with your newborn child
  • how self-effective and supportive she feels
  • how valid he feels in giving material help 

The researchers noted that those who suffer from pathologies related to the mental sphere or have full-blown cases in the family, one year after the birth of their child sees the alarm bells reduced, does not suffer worsening and remains in balance. But not only that: fathers who are actively involved but above all feel an important part of the family structure from the first months of the child after some time keep that feeling on them, they feel satisfied and competent for a long time.


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The power of sharing

The study on the power of involvement of the father from the first hours of the child's life highlights some of the most difficult aspects of parenting: this is because it is precisely 40 days after birth and how to face the puerperium are the biggest challenges facing new parents. they find themselves having to live and overcome immediately after birth. Do happy parents make happy children? Yes, but most of all, beyond the rhetoric, they allow each member of the family to live their role in complete serenity. And to remove the specter not only of anxiety and depression but also of sadness and frustration. Researchers have also followed this trend to push on the importance of policies that allow the father to be close to the children as and when the mother, which guarantees them permissions and parental leave sufficient for the care of children in critical periods and does not put him aside as a secondary figure compared to the mother.

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