Belen dyes her hair. Storm on facebook

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Belen is not there. The showgirl had published a photo of her new hair color on her Facebook profile on January 25th. Belen accompanied the photo with this message: "After the recording of Del Paese's got talent ..... And we had fun this time too. In the meantime, I'm back brunette! Goodnight everyone!"

A few lines and a photo were enough to arouse the controversy of Internet users: "You know that when you are waiting, hair dyes should be avoided", "It is said that when one goes pregnant, one does not get dyes", "Belen, know what bad to dye when you are pregnant. It's the worst thing you could have done. "

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Belen's official response on her profile was not long in coming: "Guys, enough of this dye story !! it is normal that I used a product without ammonia. I don't want to hurt my baby. I don't understand why some people have to misrepresent all messages and look rotten in everything. does it make you feel better? I hope that sooner or later this desire to criticize everyone no matter it ends, bad habits that are not very constructive that just divide us, I know it would be less spicy, but it would be nice to try to see the world with cleaner and less polluted filters in general for everything"-

The expert replies

What treatments can i do during pregnancy? Dyes? Sunstrokes?

The dye as a precaution is best avoided, as it may contain ammonia or other substances that can be absorbed through the scalp. It is true that today there are more delicate formulations, with non-allergenic and ammonia-free ingredients, but if we are not absolutely sure of what the product used by the hairdresser contains, it is better to postpone until we have finished breastfeeding.

Marcella Rituffo, medical director at the Dermopathic Institute of the Immaculate Conception (IDI) in the city.

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