Belly after childbirth, the 5 tips to get it back as before (or almost)

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The postpartum belly

In the first few weeks after the birth of the baby It is normal for the tissues and muscles of the belly to still be relaxed and the skin to appear toneless: it will take a few weeks to recover. Here are some tips from the experts.

"The gestational period and the puerperium are characterized by a global morpho-structural transformation of the organism, in particular of the abdominal muscles, which within a few months must dilate to allow the growth of the fetus, and of the pelvic floor, which is subjected to an overload given by the increase visceral weight "explains the gynecologist Rossana . "It is therefore important in the immediate term after childbirth help the 'pelvic-abdominal system' to regain its basal function. "Let's see how.


10 exercises to get back in shape: legs, abdomen, buttocks, arms and posture

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Gymnastic exercises to tone the legs, abdomen, buttocks, arms and posture. The fitness program is suggested by Rossella Ghidelli, personal trainer

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  • Pancera in the first 10 days after giving birth 
  • First abs after two weeks
  • 30 minutes of walking
  • Nutrition, no diet but little salt and no processed foods
  • Elasticizing cream
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1. Pancera in the first 10 days after childbirth

"The advice is to wear the pancera, but choosing a model that support without forcing, in elastic fabric and with adjustable side bands, that you help restore the muscle-tendon-ligament relations of the belly and relieve the pelvic floor from the excessive weight of the abdominal viscera "replies the gynecologist.

"The pancera it is especially useful if you have made a cut caesarean, since it makes movements easier, made difficult by the presence of surgical sutures. In addition, the post-partum sheath can be used to compensate for the postural alterations that the spine finds itself after nine months of gestation, preventing annoying back pain and helping to assume a correct posture again (which among other things gets you used to maintaining naturally contracted abdominal muscles).

La pancera it can be worn for about ten days after childbirth and only when standing, while it must be taken off before going to sleep ".

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2. First abs after two weeks

At least two weeks passed after giving birth, you can start doing specific exercises to tone the abdominals. "Before starting to work on the abdominal muscles again, however, it is necessary to check whether the diastasis of the rectus abdominis, that is the separation of the abdominals that normally occurs during pregnancy, has partially closed" warns the personal trainer Viviana Ghizzardi. "If not, you have to wait a few more weeks before starting gymnastics.

Look at ours video on how to get back in shape after childbirth:

3. 30 minutes of walking

In addition to gymnastics, it is good to practice moderate but constant physical activity: perfect too a simple daily walk of about 30 minutes, perhaps with a wheelchair in tow, which generally improves muscle tone and helps to dispose of a few extra pounds accumulated during the wait.

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4 - Nutrition, no diet but little salt and no processed foods

Especially if the new mother is breastfeeding, it is certainly not the case to undergo drastic diets in an attempt to reduce to bacon, so the diet must be balanced, characterized by simple and easily digestible foods.

Some anti-tummy tips:

  • reduce the salt, which causes fluid retention and therefore swelling;
  • consume fruit preferably between meals and avoid overly elaborate foods and cooking, to avoid fermentation;
  • fight constipation by increasing the consumption of unrefined cereals, vegetables and fruits;
  • chew slowly, to facilitate digestion.

5. Elasticizing cream

After having hosted the baby for many months, it is easy for the skin to appear dry and lacking in tone: to help it return to its original condition, apply with constancy an elasticizing and firming cream, enriched for example with elastin, collagen and anti-stretch mark active ingredients, such as boswelic acid and rosehip, to be alternated with sweet almond or jojoba oil.

To counteract fatty deposits, however, there are specific belly and hip cosmetics, containing marine algae and plant extracts: if you are breastfeeding, however, check on the label that there are no contraindications.

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Questions and answers

How long does it take to lose weight after giving birth?

The body during pregnancy performed a real miracle. It takes a bit of time, a lot of patience and above all the right expectations before recovering the previous form.

How to lose weight after giving birth?

  • Walks with the baby
  • Take a class in the pool together
  • Exercise at the gym at home as soon as possible 

How to treat pregnancy stretch marks?

If pregnancy has left you with cellulite, stretch marks and pads, treat yourself to a treatment with lymphatic drainage massages that dissolve localized fat and improve circulation.

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