Bike in pregnancy: yes or no?

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When the temperatures are mild and the days are clear, getting around by bicycle is really pleasant: it is less tiring than walking, you have no problems finding parking and you have the opportunity to do some movement. Is everything quiet even during pregnancy?

Nì. Let's find out more.

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  • When it is possible to ride a bike while pregnant
  • The benefits of cycling during pregnancy
  • Sports suitable for pregnancy
  • When you shouldn't exercise during pregnancy

When it is possible to ride a bike while pregnant

The personal trainer Viviana Ghizzardi in fact tells us that cycling while pregnant is possible he:

  • If you've always ridden a bike, so you are familiar with this means of transport. On the other hand, it is not the case to start pedaling right now if you have not got on the saddle since you were a child
  • If you choose the right routes: no racing or mountain biking cycling on rough terrain, because you are more prone to jolts, which are to be avoided during pregnancy, and because the risk of falling is higher. Ok instead to the classic city bicycle, to be used on cycle paths or flat and not too busy paths
  • If you ride at the right times. Better to leave the bike alone in the central hours of the summer months, because the heat causes excessive stimulation of the thermoregulation system, in a period, such as that of pregnancy, in which the circulatory system must already support a surplus of work to feed the baby.
  • If you go at moderate paces. Precisely because the body is already super busy with something else, the amount of oxygen available must be divided by two and the energy levels to be profused in pedaling are not very high, so go ahead to a quiet pace, without expecting to cover large distances in time. reduced
  • If you adjust the position of the bike as the belly grows: when the size of the belly becomes considerable, it will be necessary to raise the seat a little, so as not to hit the belly with the knees, and also the handlebars, to avoid bending too much.
  • If you listen to your body: it is okay to ride a bike as long as it is pleasant for the body: towards the end of pregnancy, the volume and weight of the baby will be such that it will be difficult to take long walks with the bike: at that point ok to the bicycle if it comes to go run an errand, but nothing more.

The benefits of cycling during pregnancy

  • It's good for circulation. If you ride a bike with a certain constancy and regularity - for 30-40 minutes in a row - pedaling becomes an aerobic activity that is good for circulation, improves venous return, prevents heaviness and swelling in the legs.
  • It does not strain your back. Since this is an activity that is practiced while sitting, no pressure is exerted on the back, which during pregnancy is more subject to pain due to postural changes caused by the growth of the fetus
  • Keeps your weight under control. Pedaling constantly helps to keep weight gain and blood sugar levels under control: several studies have shown that those who practice aerobic activities have much less chance of developing gestational diabetes
  • It's good for the mood. Like any aerobic physical activity, it stimulates the production of endorphins that instill a good mood and reduce the levels of cortisol that are generated in response to stress. Obviously the greatest benefits are obtained if you are able to ride a bike in a park, on a promenade or in any case along pleasant paths, certainly not extricating yourself in the city traffic!

Sports suitable for pregnancy

First general rule:

green light for all sports except

  • those who have a high risk of falling
  • those involving body-to-body contact which could lead to very dangerous trauma to the abdomen
  • activities that involve running or jumping because they can increase uterine contractility.

Second general rule:

  • those who already played sports before getting pregnant can, with the doctor's green light, continue their activities albeit at a slower pace and avoiding risky situations.
  • On the other hand, those who did nothing before pregnancy should avoid starting a new activity right now: this is not the time to learn new techniques.

In this second case, it is better to engage in easy-to-learn activities such as water aerobics, yoga or simply walking at a brisk pace.

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When you shouldn't exercise during pregnancy

When should you not exercise in nine months? No to sport in case of threat of abortion, placenta previa, uterine hypercontractility, fetal growth retardation.

On the other hand, there are pathologies related to pregnancy, such as diabetes or moderate hypertension, which can even improve with physical activity.

(original article dated October 16, 2022)

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Questions and answers

Is it possible to ride a bicycle if you are pregnant?

Yes, but only with due care, that is, choosing the right routes, the right times, if you go at moderate pace, if you are already used to it and if you listen to your body. 

Which sports to avoid during pregnancy (because they are dangerous)?

Better to avoid sports that have a high risk of falling, those that involve body-to-body contact, which could lead to very dangerous trauma to the abdomen, activities that involve running or jumping.

When should you not do sports during pregnancy?

No to sport in case of abortion threat, placenta previa, uterine hypercontractility, fetal growth retardation.

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