Biochemical pregnancy: the experiences of mothers

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Often the woman who has a biochemical pregnancy does not even notice it, since there are no particular symptoms. The pregnancy test is positive and is followed by the arrival of menstruation. A possible ultrasound therefore it does not show any embryo and, often, not even the presence of a gestational chamber.

This means that the pregnancy has begun and that it stopped very soon. In the maternal organism the beta-HCG (chorionic gonadotropin), hormone produced by the first sketch of the embryo's placenta, detected with simple tests, from the classic pregnancy test to the dosage of beta-HCG in the blood.

So, there is one biochemical trace pregnancy, even if the arrival of menstruation and the ultrasound say that there is no embryo. The terminology biochemical pregnancy it therefore indicates the interruption of the development of the embryo, which took place a few days after implantation in the uterus.

We have collected the stories that some moms have shared with us to report their experience about it.

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Biochemical pregnancy, the tales

The long road to having Francesco

In December 2022, I got pregnant. I had stopped taking inositol supplements, taking my basal temperature, taking ovulation tests. I had also undergone laparoscopic surgery.

Two miscarriages. But finally my second son arrived, healthy and beautiful

I am an only child and have always been affected by it. This is also why I wanted to give my eldest son Nichi a little brother or sister. Unfortunately, before getting pregnant for the second time, I had two miscarriages. I have been very ill. Eventually, though, my second little one arrived. On February 2nd of this year Loris was born, my rainbow, the brother I never had.

After 10 years of trying she is finally pregnant!

Hi I'm the mother of a wonderful 18 month old baby ... and if you like to read it I would like to tell you my story. He is our little miracle! It all started back in 1997. I was operated on to make a diagnosis as I had been having pain in my abdomen for months and it was not clear why. Result: bilateral sactosalpinx, that is, tubal severely compromised. The gynecologist told me: "Madam, his tubes have withered.

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Miscarriages in the first weeks, your stories

Cesarean delivery after three miscarriages. I finally felt the joy of being a mother

After three miscarriages, I was devastated. The doctors I met didn't give me support or help. Finally, however, I found a very good gynecologist willing to follow me closely and in December 2022 my beautiful daughter Marysol was born. I know my three little angels will always protect us. I will never forget them and they will always be a part of my life. Always. If I may, I would really like to tell all of you future mothers who are having a sad time, never to get down on yourself.

I have had three miscarriages: I have strengthened myself and now I hold my daughter in my arms

This is the story of my miscarriages. Of my three miscarriages. I would like to give hope to people like me who are in the same situation, because now I hold my daughter in my arms.

Three miscarriages. But life has also given me three wonderful children 

After two miscarriages, I was finally able to get pregnant. I had a wonderful son, after a very anxious pregnancy. Later I tried to have a second baby, but I had to go through another miscarriage. Until my two little men arrived, bi-annular twins and biamniotic. I am now a happy mother of three beautiful creatures.

My story after an abortion 

We had been looking for our baby for two years. A child who did not arrive. When I found out I was pregnant. My joy did not last long. On 9 August 2022 half of my Heart stopped with him. My baby's little heart was no longer beating. My partner and nephew gave me the strength to overcome my grief. But soon after, I got another pregnancy. This time it went great! I just want to tell all mothers and mothers-to-be who are looking for a pregnancy not to give up and not to be discouraged because after the storm there is always the sun and it will be the most beautiful sun you have ever seen. 

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