Birth Day: what it is and the advice to organize it in the best possible way

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The birth of a child has always been a moment of great joy for the whole family, and organizing an event to celebrate it is now an established practice. The traditional baptism, today, however, is beginning to be replaced with a secular feast (therefore not celebrated in the church) and which takes the name of Birth party.

But how to best organize it? Where to celebrate it and who to invite? We got advice from Valentina Panetti, event organizer at Faery Event's.

Birth Day: what is it?

What exactly is it about?
"Let's start by saying that the Birth Party is often confused with the Baby Shower, but there is a huge difference between the two: the first is organized when the mother is still pregnant, the second is in effect the first public event of a newborn baby. It is basically about a lay baptism, that is a way to introduce your child to the community »- explains Valentina.

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How to organize a Birth Party

What are the tips to better organize this type of event?
«Since this is an important moment, every detail must be taken care of in detail, from the invitations to the organization of the event itself. The goal is to share the joy of this moment with relatives and closest friends. Every detail must be thought of to make everything special and unforgettable. Therefore, it is essential to choose a theme right location and also think of a small present to be given to invited guests ".

Choice of theme and location

  • THE THEME OF THE PARTY. "Of course the theme must be the driver of the event, as it will accompany the party from beginning to end. The choice can go from the classic "teddy bear" theme, or choose Disney characters. All strictly in baby size. The theme is very popular right now unicorn for little girls and that safari for boys.
  • COLORS. "The important thing is to use for this event, unlike a birthday party, pastel colors with soft tints (pink, light blue, yellow or light green). Everything must convey tenderness. The helium balloons in this case are very effective, as they give important details to the setting ».
  • THE LOCATION. «Another element of fundamental importance is the location. It must be in line with the theme and adapted to the needs of an event, however, ceremonial. So welcoming but not too distracting. A sufficiently large house or the home garden. If, on the other hand, you don't want stress, you can opt for a restaurant. Surely the buffet mode, in this case, is preferable. It is more dynamic and also less expensive ».
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Invitations to the birth party

As for religious baptism, do you need to make special invitations?

«The invitation is certainly one of the cornerstones of organizing an event, as well as the leitmotif of the chosen theme. There paper form, still today, it represents something magical that manages to convey the charm of the event. At the same time, however, more and more people are replacing the card with the use of invitations in digital format, through the use of QR Code. Certainly cheaper and in step with the times ».

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Gifts for guests

Is it necessary, also in this case, to think of a gift for the guests as per tradition?

«Favors, in my opinion, are still an important element of the event today, as they represent a small memory of the child. This too should be relevant to the theme. A very nice solution could be the mini jar of honey or jam with custom label. Let's not forget that too The photos represent the memory of an unforgettable day. Which is why smartphones shouldn't replace perfect professional photography. Which could also represent a nice gift for the guests ”, concludes the head of Faery Event's.

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