Birth list: why, how and when to do it


  • 1 How a birth list works
  • 2 The advantages of a birth list 
  • 3 Birth list: when to do it
  • 4 Birth list: what to get as a gift 
  • 5 How to communicate the birth list 
  • 6 Amazon Birth List 
  • 7 How to create a birth list on Amazon
  • 8 Birth list: clothing
  • 9 Birth list: newborn hygiene
  • 10 Birth list: everything for bedtime
  • 11 Birth list: in the car 
  • 12 Birth list: outdoors
  • 13 Birth list: breast and formula feeding 
  • 14 Birth list: various accessories 
  • 15 Birth list: toys

More and more mothers and fathers who, in view of the arrival of their baby, decide to create a birth list. The positive aspects of this choice are many and, indeed, if you think about it there is not a single reason not to make it. It is advisable to take advantage of it already in the period of pregnancy, when you probably have a little more time available to think about what could be used for the unborn child. And also to reflect on what to give you. Because the birth list is also used for this.

How a birth list works

Let's start with a certainty: the birth list is the best way to do smart shopping. It works like this. Parents-to-be create a list of what they would like to receive for their baby. There are two types of birth lists: the one online and the one that is made in shops specializing in items for children. In the first case, the selected products are loaded and the purchases are made on the web. In the second case, however, the buyer must go directly to the shop and buy what he wants. 

The advantages of a birth list 

Thinking about what your child needs is always a very exciting moment. Not to mention the first washing machine with her clothes or the preparation of the suitcase for the hospital. The advantages of a birth list are many: 

  • Duplications are avoided. 
  • We help relatives and friends to choose the perfect gift.
  • There are almost always discounts or special offers for customers. 
  • You have plenty of time to calmly decide what you need for the birth and the first months.
  • There is the possibility to buy products of various prices, for all budgets. 
  • By choosing the products directly, you avoid receiving unnecessary items.
  • It is very convenient (especially if online) for those who live far from new parents and want to give them a gift.

Birth list: when to do it

There is no "right" time to make a birth list. Maybe it is not the case to think about it too much in advance (even for a kind of superstition), but from the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy it can be started. A good idea could be to wait for the morphological ultrasound which gives some more certainty about the sex of the unborn child, thus allowing "targeted" purchases.

Not all products may be available immediately, so you must be ready in case of early arrival of the baby.

If you take a pre-baby course (always wise choice), you can get an idea of ​​what you can use for the birth of the baby, at least for the first few weeks. It can be a good starting point to start preparing the list. 

Birth list: what to get as a gift 

The answer to the question "what can I get a gift when my child is born?" it is quite subjective and depends on various factors. Is he the first child? Can anything be recovered from the first pregnancy? What can my sister lend me? What do you need immediately after giving birth and what can be purchased later?

The objects that will then be included in the birth list will essentially change based on what is actually needed. They range from the simplest and most commonly used things (and therefore with a low cost), to more particular and demanding objects. We will then go from the stocks of diapers, from rompers and bottles, to changing tables, strollers, high chairs. Expand your range of products. In this way, each of your friends or relatives will be able to choose between various types of items, spending what they can according to the economic availability.

In some shops, in addition to choosing specific products, there is also the possibility of gift cards. Basically, they are good to spend as you like as your child grows. 

In any case, now we give you some tips on what to include in your birth list. 

How to communicate the birth list 

This is a point that can create a bit of embarrassment for mom and dad: letting friends and family know that they have decided to make a birth list. In fact, it might seem that this in a certain sense means "forcing" people to give you a gift. In general, however, today the birth list is so frequent that there is very little to "be scandalized".

For online lists, there is generally the possibility of communicating it with an email or a text message. Alternatively, you can let them know when your friend asks you what she would like to receive. If, on the other hand, you use WhatsApp, invent a witty phrase that, underneath it, still implies that no one should feel obliged to purchase. Finally, there is another alternative: "unleash" your mother or mother-in-law. For a fast and effective word of mouth there is nothing better. 

Amazon birth list 

Among the various online birth lists, that of Amazon - in addition to being very easy to do - offers a series of non-negligible advantages: 

  • Catalog with over 100.000 products.
  • Free.
  • Welcome gift. 
  • Possibility of access to discounts and specific offers.
  • 10% discount by spending at least 300 euros, 15% by spending 600, 20% by exceeding 800 euros. This promotion is valid until December 31st.
  • Sharing the list with friends and relatives (not mandatory: you can also leave the private list). 

How to create a birth list on Amazon

Making a birth list on Amazon is very simple. By going to the appropriate section (you can also access it from HERE with your Amazon account) you will be asked for the estimated date of delivery. If for some reason you still don't know it, you can enter an approximate one and then change it at any time. Add the address where you want to receive the goods and that's it.

Within the list page, you will be reminded of the weeks until delivery, the list of added products, the list of thanks and returns and more. You can also find other birth lists and, if you like, share yours.

Birth list: clothing

  1. Body: short-sleeved, long-sleeved, with buttons underneath or open in front, there are many types. The important thing in the choice is the quality of the product: in contact with the very delicate skin of the newborn, it goes only cotton, no wool or synthetic fibers.
  1. Rompers: in this case too, great attention is always paid to the materials used, cotton, warm cotton or chenille, obviously depending on the season. Take a good stock: you always need a lot, both whole and in two pieces (shorts and t-shirt).
  1. Heavy Stroller Suit: In winter this is a very useful accessory. They are warm warm “jumpsuits”, often made of fleece, which completely envelop the baby. Equipped with a hood, they can be used on the stroller or in any case to go out. 
  1. Socks: especially at the beginning, shoes are practically useless for newborns, but they are more a habit of the mother. However, the feet tend to cool down quickly (like the hands) and it is therefore advisable to cover them with soft socks.
  1. Cappellini: they will ask you already among the things to take to the hospital to protect the head of the newborn baby, for example from the air conditioning. Often they are offered in combination with cotton knobs to avoid scratching.

Birth list: newborn hygiene

  1. Bathtub: after the umbilical stump falls, the bath is a “sacred” moment in the baby's routine. And so you need the right tray. You will find various models. Your choice will mainly depend on the space available at home.
  1. Hygiene products: shower gel, shampoo, moisturizing cream, soothing cream for the diaper area must have a single common denominator, that is to respect the baby's skin. So, when choosing, pay attention to what they contain.
  1. Changing table: another “must” on the birth list. Depending on the space or personal taste, you will surely find the one that suits you best: from the classic one with the chest of drawers underneath to the one complete with tray too. 
  1. Bathrobe: What's better than wrapping up in a fluffy terry bathrobe after a bath? Anything! And then here is that for the little one it becomes an indispensable accessory in every home. Get one more for the hospital too. 
  1. Bath Thermometer: The perfect bath set also includes the thermometer to measure the water temperature, which must be 37 degrees. Those for children are always colorful and often with the shapes of cute little animals.

Birth list: everything for bedtime

  1. Sleeping bag: the typical problem that all mothers have in winter is being able to keep their babies covered when they sleep. The solution is absolutely at hand and it is the sleeping bag. Various models with different padding available. 
  1. Classic cot: instead of the cradle, there are those who prefer to use the traditional cot right away, the one with wooden bars, so to speak. It is a bit more expensive, but keep in mind that you will use it for a long time, at least up to 2-3 years.
  1. Cot for co-sleeping: this is a very popular product today. The lowering side allows you to have the cot at the same height as that of mum and dad. This allows for more direct contact with the baby, especially if you are breastfeeding. 
  1. Bumpers: this accessory is particularly useful if you choose the wooden bed to avoid too close encounters with the slats. The bumper serves to cushion any overturning of the baby during sleep.
  1. Camping Cot: This is the answer for travel-loving parents. The camping cot is very practical and takes up little space. It can also be an idea to have him at his grandparents' house for an afternoon nap. Better to have a separate mattress.

Birth list: by car 

  1. Child seat: safety comes first, especially in the car. The child seat must have one characteristic above all the others: it must be approved according to the main regulations and have passed all the tests. 
  1. Egg: you will need it from the first exit, on your way home from the hospital. The car seat must be used against the direction of travel and the airbags must be deactivated. For long journeys, take a break every 2-3 hours. 
  1. Anti-abandonment kit: for some months, in Del Paese, it is necessary to have an anti-abandonment device or seat, a safety system that prevents dangerous abandonment of children in the car. It is compulsory up to 4 years of age.
  1. Bottle Warmer: A sudden hunger attack while in the car can cause World War III! If you are not breastfeeding, it is helpful to bring a car bottle warmer with you. Quite simply it connects to the cigarette lighter.
  1. Sunshades: among the various objects that can guarantee comfort for our puppies and that we can add to the birth list are the sunshades. There are various models. Mostly they stick to the glass with suction cups. 

Birth list: outdoors

  1. Lightweight Stroller: Convenient to use, simple to open and close, small size, reasonable cost. Here are the main features of a light stroller, suitable for walks or to take to the beach or in the mountains. 
  1. Trio: This is one of the “big shots” of shopping for an upcoming baby. The trio consists of an infant carrier, carrycot and stroller and is designed to accompany the baby in all stages of growth after birth. The choice is very personal. 
  1. Stroller bag: when you go out you have to organize yourself and, above all, you have to have everything you need for any need at hand. Spare diapers, wipes, bibs, bodysuits, onesie and much more. A bag therefore must not be missing. 
  1. Baby carrier: on beautiful sunny days, walks with the baby carrier are a convenience for the mother and a joy for the little one who, if placed facing the world, has the opportunity to look around. Be careful only to choose an ergonomic product.
  1. Rain cover: not all strollers are already equipped with a rain cover and must be purchased separately. There are some universal ones that work well on any model. Especially in winter they are really useful.

Birth list: breast and formula feeding 

  1. Nursing pillow: this soft "sausage" is very comfortable to lay the baby while breastfeeding or giving him a bottle. If you buy it during pregnancy, you can use it at night to relieve back or leg discomfort. 
  1. Breast pump: If for some reason you need to store your milk (for example, because you have to go back to work), a breast pump is for you. Manual or electric will help you to pump milk quickly and effectively. 
  1. Baby bottles: in plastic, glass, anti-colic, with an anatomic teat, there is a real baby bottle market. Even if you are breastfeeding you may need it, so buy some anyway. And keep a spare. 
  1. Sterilizer: even sterilizers are not all the same. For example, there are electric ones or those that you put in the microwave oven. They are useful for baby bottles, but also for pacifiers. Add it to the birth list.
  1. Bags for freezing milk: some of these bags you will probably find free with the breast pump, if you decide to buy it. In general, however, those supplied are not very many and it is therefore advisable to take others.

Birth list: various accessories 

  1. High chair: it is certainly not an object that you will need immediately after giving birth, but sooner or later it will be an integral part of your home decor. The classic one has a plastic tray in front, the more modern ones are true evolutionary chairs, generally made of wood.
  1. Bouncer: here's the way to let your little one spend some time exploring new things and having fun. Often the bouncers are accompanied by soft music and games. And they can also be reclined in case of a nap.
  1. Baby monitor: sleep under control with the baby monitor. Placing one part in the room where the baby sleeps and the other where you are, allows you to verify that there is no problem. And if the crying starts, you are ready to intervene. 
  1. Baby sling: especially in the very first months of life, the contact between the mother and her child is very important because it has a great calming power and strengthens the bond. The headband allows for all of this, plus it gives you a way to have your hands free. 
  1. Playpen: allows the child to have a safe place of his own to play, when he is still too small to be left alone. The classic boxes have handles that help him get up and stand up. They are soft enough in case of falls.

Birth list: toys

  1. Gymnasium: from 3-4 months of age, all newborns should stay on the ground, especially on their stomach, to promote their muscle and motor development. The gym allows you to do this and, in addition, with its games it also stimulates curiosity.
  1. Mobile: placed on the cradle or bed will attract the attention of the newborn who will soon learn to follow the movement with his eyes. In addition, the music will act as a beautiful lullaby favoring (if you are lucky) sleep. 
  1. Bath games: splashing mom and dad from inside the tub is already great fun. But with a few games in the water, everything becomes even more beautiful. Ducks and fish are the top for every little boy!
  1. Teething: how annoying the first teeth! Fortunately, many rubber toys come to the rescue of mothers and babies to bite and pass on sore gums. Many of these are put in the freezer - the cold will ease the pain even more. 
  1. Rattle: this is the most traditional of games for babies. A classic since ancient times. The bright colors and the noise produced greatly attract children who hold it and shake it. And sometimes they soon learn how to throw it too.
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