Birthmarks in pregnancy: when they start and the most common

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Birthmarks in pregnancy: legend or reality?

"Let's start by saying that the 'cravings' have no scientific basis " underlines Valeria Savasi, Researcher gynecologist at the University of our city and Head of the Assisted Reproduction Center of the Luigi Sacco Hospital in our city "in the sense that there is no correlation between presumed unfulfilled cravings during pregnancy and the appearance of patches, of any kind, at birth ".

So why do you have 'cravings' in pregnancy?

The reasons are essentially two.

  • Hormonal: following the stimulation of hormones, during pregnancy there is a change in the metabolism, which increases the need for certain nutrients, especially carbohydrates; in other words, it is the body that requires more sugars and the brain implements certain 'strategies' to make us recognize the real needs of our organism. Read also Feeding during pregnancy
  • Psychological: during the nine months it may happen that the future mother feels a 'healthy' desire to be cared for, pampered, and the cravings represent a stratagem to express this greater request for affection and attention.

"It is a discourse that has been valid above all for some years now, since there is an increasing attention towards the pregnancy event" explains the gynecologist: "there are fewer and fewer children and they are always later, and when it finally happens of getting pregnant, all the attention of the couple and all the relatives pours into pregnancy. Husbands too have a much more caring attitude: just a few decades ago seeing the partner at the gynecological examination was an exception, now it is rare not to see them ... "

Satisfy the cravings or not?

Even if they have nothing to do with the appearance of skin spots, birthmarks are still the expression of a need, physical or psychological, therefore, within the limits of reasonableness and if there are no contraindications related to particular situations (see ad eg raw cured meats for those who have not contracted toxoplasmosis), it is worth satisfying them. Paying attention of course to the quantities, if you do not want to get fat visibly!

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Birthmarks in pregnancy: when do they start?

Is there a time when the cravings begin? In reality there is no particular period, they could appear immediately, being linked to the hormonal change. Therefore, they could be there from the first weeks of pregnancy.

But even later. One of their characteristics is that they can continue throughout the pregnancy.

Birthmarks in pregnancy: the most common

But what are the most common birthmarks in pregnancies? There are all kinds. We collected them in this gallery by asking the mothers of our community.


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There is the classic craving for gherkins or pizza at the most unlikely hours, but also for a sandwich with salted tongue, vinegar, chilli pepper, eucalyptus or lemon with ...

Among most common birthmarks in pregnancy:

  • chocolate
  • pickles
  • French fries
  • gelato
  • Red meat
  • spicy foods
  • lemon
  • cheese

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