Blood loss in early pregnancy


While waiting to take the test in the hope of pregnancy, it can happen that you have some slight bleeding, light or brown. What are they due to? Do you have to worry? When do we talk about implantation (or nesting) leaks and when about the upcoming menstrual cycle?

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Implantation haemorrhage

Early in your pregnancy, you may have a slight bleeding called "spotting". It occurs between the eighth and fourteenth day of ovulation, when the developing embryo takes root in the wall of your uterus. This type of bleeding is unnecessary and often coincides with the period when your period should have arrived.

Be careful though, it doesn't happen to all women, so don't worry if it didn't happen to you or you didn't realize you have it.

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How to recognize plant losses

But how do you know if it is an implantation leak or an upcoming menstrual cycle?

in plant losses:

  • bleeding is more likely to be light pink or brown
  • implantation bleeding is more like spotting than to an actual menstruation. It can occur only once or last a few hours or even up to a few days.
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Are plant leaks dangerous?

No, they are absolutely not dangerous, although they can be frightening because they can make you think of your next period or a threat of miscarriage.

Losses due to an abortion threat, however, occur later and are accompanied by abdominal pain.

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