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Do you like bohemian and hippie names? Are you unconventional and want to give your son or daughter a name that reflects your soul?

We have selected a number of nomi bohemian and hippie masculine and feminine, in order to help you choose the one you like best.

If you want to discover others baby names, you can consult our database which contains over 6 thousand names from Del Paeseni and foreigners.

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Male bohemian names

Male bohemian names are related to the world of art, creativity, literature, music, spirituality. Here are the most beautiful, with their meanings, for you. 

  1. AMEDEO. It comes from the Latin Amadeus or "qui amat Deum", which means "to love God". Variants of the name: Amadis, Amadigi. Amedeo has the gift of positively influencing others and is a lonely, wise and prudent person. The painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani is remembered with this name. 
  2. MICHELANGELO. It can be considered a compound name of Michele and Angelo. The name day is celebrated with the blessed Michelangelo of San Francesco on 10 July. With this name we must remember the great sixteenth-century artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.
  3. RAFFAELLO. Name derived from rapha, "to heal", and from El, "God", means "God has healed". The name day is celebrated on 24 October. It is the name of the famous XNUMXth century Del Paeseno painter Raffaello Sanzio. 
  4. CHAKRA. Truly original Indian name, it indicates the energy centers of the human body. 
  5. BRANDO. Germanic name. Contracted form of the name Aldobrando, which derives from hildjo and branda, with the meaning of "shining sword in battle". The name day falls on August 22 or May 1. This was the name of Marlon Brando, a great American actor.
  6. VINCENT. Foreign variant of Vincenzo. It means "destined to win" and all those who call themselves that are tough, strong and full of energy and will with a right dose of sweetness. The famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is remembered.
  7. GIOTTO. Male name, hypochoristic deriving from the medieval names Ambrogiotto and Angiolotto. This was the name of Giotto di Bondone, a Florentine painter and architect.
  8. TRISTAN. The meaning of the name is "sad, severe". Originally Tristan seems to be taken from the ancient Scots "Drustan" or "Drystan" with the probable meaning of pact or consolation. Of literary origin, it is taken from the medieval legend of the unhappy love of Tristan and Isolde born from the poems of the Breton cycle and which inspired the musician R. Wagner. 
  9. OCEAN. Okeanos was the Greek god from whom all waters are generated. Sant'Oceano is celebrated on September 4th. 
  10. LUIS. Spanish variant of Luigi, which means "illustrious fighter, glorious in battle (but, from another source, also wise)". The great writer Luis Sepúlveda is remembered.
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Nomi bohemian femminili

Are you looking for bohemian names, inspired by artists, famous and creative women, mythological figures? Here are some tips for your little girls. 

  1. ARTEMISIA. Name derived from Artemis, goddess of Greek mythology. Santa Artemisia is celebrated on February 18. We remember the painter Artemisia Gentileschi. 
  2. AIR. Name that could be a feminine form of the ancient Greek name Arius, or it could refer to the word Del Paesena "air". The name day is celebrated on November 1st, the feast of All Saints. Arya Stark is a character from the "Game of Thrones" series.
  3. ADELE. Name of Germanic origin, it means "nobility ('adal') of lineage, appearance [and soul]". Sweet and euphonic name, as white as the 'feather' of the swan dear to Leda. This is the name of the London singer Adele, known for her magnificent voice.
  4. AURA. Variant of Aurora, means "reddish, bright, shining (golden: Golden)".
  5. LIDIA. It was adopted as the name of slaves and freedmen in Ancient Greece. The name day is celebrated on 3 August. There are Lydia and Lida variants. 
  6. CALLIOPE. Name composed of kalli and ops, with the meaning of "beautiful voice, beautiful song". She was the muse of epic poetry and eloquence. The name day is celebrated on 8 June. 
  7. OPHELIA. It comes from the Greek Ophelia and means "she who assists". Literary name, it spread thanks to the success of the Shakespearean work Hamlet, written in 1601. No saints with this name are remembered. It is therefore celebrated on November 1st.
  8. PERLA. Affective name, from pearl, given as a wish for beauty and virtue.
  9. EMERALD. It derives from a Spanish name, in turn deriving from the Greek "smaragdos" or from the Latin "smaragdus", that is "emerald". The name day is celebrated on January 22 and August 1.
  10. FLOWER. What's more delicate and "literary" than a little girl named "Fiore"? Fleur is the French variant of Fiore and derives from the Latin "flos, florem", which always means "flower".
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Male hippie names

Curious about the coolest male hippie names? Here are some really beautiful and alternative and straight from the seventies. 

  1. COSMOS. It comes from Kosmas, "ornament", or from kòsmios, "modest, moderate". The name day is celebrated on September 26th.
  2. EROS. The name derives from éros, "love", and became the name of the Greek god of love who married Psyche. Sant'Eros is remembered on June 24th. 
  3. ELM. Unusual male name inspired by the elm plant.
  4. LENNON. English name inspired by the famous John Lennon, pacifist and member of the Beatles band.
  5. SILVIUS. The Latin name Silvius takes up silva, "wood", with the meaning of "inhabitants of the wood". San Silvio is celebrated on April 21st
  6. SOLE. Of Sanskrit and Egyptian origin, it means "light, brightness, warmth, life, vitality, energy."
  7. FREE. It derives from the adjective liber; it takes on a meaning with different nuances: according to the pagan reading "to be free from slavery", in a Christian key "to free oneself from sin with baptism". The name day is December 20 and August 17.
  8. BEAR. From the Latin Ursus, "bear", is a very old name taken from an animal name. The name day falls on 21 October.
  9. FLOWER. From the late Latin flos. The name day is celebrated on December 31st. The possible variants are Fiorino or Fiorello.
  10. SIDDHARTA. Name inspired by Siddhārtha Gautama, also known as the divinity Buddha. The name derives from Sanskrit and means "the awakened one" or "the enlightened one".
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Female hippie names

Are you expecting a baby girl and looking for a hippie name? Try reading the ones below and their meanings. 

  1. ALBA. It comes from the Latin adjective albus, which means "blond, white". Variant of the name: Albina and Dawn. Alba is an extremely capricious and sweet person, in fact her romanticism leads her to be a dreamer.
  2. EGLE. It comes from the Greek Aigle and means "shining, fleeing". It was the name of the mother of the Graces.
  3. NIVES. Name spread thanks to the cult of Maria Santissima ad nives, the Madonna delle Nevi, commemorated on 5 August. The variants are Nivea and Neve.
  4. LUCE. Name of Latin origin, it means "shining", "luminous" [coming from the light], "splendid".
  5. MOON FABRIC. An affective and auspicious name, given to a daughter with the wish that she will be as beautiful and bright as the moon.
  6. MANDALA. Name of Sanskrit origin, means "cosmic harmony".
  7. RUDRA. Hindi name, which means "born under the protection of the Rudraksha plant".
  8. JANIS. English name that probably derives from the Greek "genesis", that is "genesis, creation". It was the name of the American singer Janice Joplin.
  9. RIVER. Feminine (but also masculine) name which is very rare.
  10. LIGHT BLUE. Name of Persian origin, it means 'sapphire' [Iazvard] and, by extension, "bright like sapphire" or, by analogy, "serene and pure like the color of the sky".
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