Books during pregnancy, a pleasure to discover


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In this period of practically enforced quarantine, one of the best ways to spend the days is to read. Both those who are pregnant and those who already have children with whom to share these beautiful moments, every opportunity is good to do so. Taken as we typically are from our busy lives (obviously not during this health emergency), we too often put aside reading. And perhaps the time has come to recover this delightful habit.

But how to reconcile the isolation at home with the purchase of books? Amazon takes care of it, always attentive to the needs of its customers. The online sales leader launches a really cool offer on Kindle, the electronic book reader. But with Kindle Unlimited, the most interesting subscription among those available, it is not necessary to have a device: the app is also enough to download ebooks on smartphones, tablets and PCs. 

What is Kindle 

Kindle can be called the “daddy” of all electronic book reading devices. It is an invention of Amazon, which has made it one of its spearheads. There are several models and the choice varies according to the specific needs of the reader. Being a technological product, the fundamental thing is comfort (for example as regards monitor and brightness) while dedicating oneself to a book or when studying. 

What is Kindle Unlimited

This is a very profitable subscription. Kindle Unlimited is in fact a service that allows you to unlimitedly read all the books you want. And at a time when you have more time, this is truly the top. The catalog to choose from is very wide: one million titles, of which about 15.000 in Del Paeseno. 

To use Kindle Unlimited you do not need an e-reader, but there is also the possibility to take advantage of this possibility thanks to the Kindle app. In this way, by downloading it to your favorite device (smartphone, tablet or computer), both iOS and Android, you can read it where and when you want. 

One month free of Kindle Unlimited

Now let's find out about Amazon's offer. From March 20 to April 30, you have the opportunity to try Kindle Unlimited for free for one month. At the end of the free use period, the subscription automatically continues at 9,99 euros per month. The subscription can be terminated at any time.

The free month allows you to get to know the service in depth and “sift through” the catalog far and wide: thrillers, novels, children's books, science fiction, essays and everything you like best. Furthermore, thanks to the app, you have maximum reading flexibility.

To register quickly and easily just click HERE.

What to read with the belly

Moms, here are some suggestions for books to read during pregnancy or after childbirth. 

  • What to expect when you expect

One of the most recommended and sold books of all time! Easy to consult, written in an accessible language and full of practical information, it responds reassuringly to the thousand questions of future parents.

  • The joy of childbirth

The famous American midwife Ina May, with the writing of this book for expectant mothers, sends a message of courage and strength: you can experience the birth of your baby and enjoy it, in complete safety.

  • The beauty of the baby bump

Here you will find lots of useful, updated and often unavailable information on classic manuals, all verified by a team of experts. From nausea to breastfeeding in a practical, complete and fun guide.

  • What mothers don't say

This is not the usual manual for pregnant women, but a hilarious tale of a young woman who, after discovering she is expecting a child, is catapulted into a whole new world. Fun reading to remove fears and stress related to pregnancy.

  • The silver spoon

This fantastic cooking guide for your child will be very useful to you. It offers safe recipes and all the advice to bring the little one to appreciate the good and healthy flavors that are the basis of a correct and tasty diet.

  • What to expect in the first year 

It is the sequel to “What to Expect When She Expects” and offers everything you want to know about physical and emotional care for your little one. It accompanies you month after month during the stages of growth, becoming a practically indispensable guide. 

An offer not to be missed 

Let's recap Amazon's proposal for this period. Until April 30, Amazon is offering access to the well-stocked Kindle Unlimited catalog for one month completely free of charge. At the end of the offer, the subscription costs 9,99 euros per month, but it is not necessary to subscribe. 

In the meantime, however, why miss the opportunity to enjoy thousands of titles in comfort? Click HERE to immediately access the offer. 

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