Breakfast during pregnancy: 5 examples

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Nausea-proof breakfasts in pregnancy

1 - Sweet breakfast with cereals

  • Yogurt or milk
  • fresh fruit
  • cereals with no added sugar
  • oily and unsalted seeds

Whole or semi-skimmed white yogurt or milk or yogurt or vegetable milk (rice, oats, soy, millet, etc.) depending on the tolerance of each, with the addition of fresh chopped fruit, cereals without added sugar (wholemeal muesli, whole wheat flakes or sticks) and a handful of seeds oily, not roasted and unsalted (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.) rich in omega 3.

(, Nutritionist Biologist of Attilio Speciani's team, well-known Milanese immunologist and allergist)

2 - Savory breakfast with toast

  • Fruit or juice
  • wholemeal toast

Fruit (but also juice for those who do not have nausea and acidity, or smoothies of fruit only or centrifuged) + wholemeal toast (possibly with artisan bread without hydrogenated fats, cooked vegetable fats, such as palm oil, or lard), with cooked ham and cheese such as emmenthal, fontina or caciocavallo which are particularly rich in calcium; on the other hand, the thin slices, unhealthy because they are obtained through the hot melting of one or more cheeses with the help of potentially harmful emulsifying additives, such as polyphosphates, as well as preservatives and stabilizers, should be avoided. ()

3 - Breakfast with bread and jam

  • Fruit 
  • infusion (e.g. with red fruits or fennel) or decaffeinated tea, normal or green (to vary) 
  • whole grain bread with ricotta and sugar-free jam (sweetened with grape or apple juice).


4 - Breakfast with biscuits and egg

  • Fruit
  • infusion or tea
  • crackers or wholemeal slices or wholemeal bread
  • cooked egg to taste

Fruit + infusion with red fruits, fennel, etc., or decaffeinated tea, normal or green (to vary) + rice cakes, spelled or low sodium corn or whole wheat and rye slices (Wasa type), or wholemeal bread + egg (cooked to taste without fat).


PLEASE NOTE: all the proposals indicated above take into consideration the possible presence of morning sickness and it is advisable to alternate them during the week. Breakfast drinks should not be sweetened or sweetened.

5 - Breakfast with cereals

  • A cup of milk,
  • 3-4 rusks or 4-5 tablespoons of corn-flakes type cereals.

"If you have nausea problems (frequent in the first trimester), milk may not be very welcome in the morning," says dietician Diana Scatozza. In this case, you can replace it with a cup of green tea and add another source of calcium during the day (which could be another yogurt or a portion of cheese).

Alternatively, you can try the HD (highly digestible) milk, the full skim type or the synthetic soy or rice based milks, as long as they are supplemented with calcium and vitamin D. "

(Diana Scatozza, medical specialist in nutrition science with a dietological-diet therapy address in our city)

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