Breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding: 5 tips to preserve their beauty

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Since the beginning of pregnancy, the breast changes its appearance: the mammary glands prepare for breastfeeding and even give a couple of extra sizes. If a more shapely décolleté pleases everyone, the fear is to find yourself at the end of breastfeeding with a breast lacking in tone and marked by stretch marks.

Here are all the strategies to combat blemishes. Already while waiting. READ ALSO: PREGNANT BREAST

1. Moisturize from within

That is, ensure the body a supply of at least three liters of water a day, of which about half will be provided by food, especially fruit and vegetables, which contain on average 80%. "At the table, organic whole grains, green leafy vegetables and dried fruit should be favored, which guarantee a good supply of vitamin E, a precious natural anti-aging" suggests Patrizia Piersini, aesthetic doctor in Turin and professor at the Higher School of Aesthetic Medicine of the 'Agora of our city; "Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, contained in vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive oil, blue fish, salmon and dried fruit are essential for skin elasticity".

2. Cleanse gently

For daily cleaning, it is better to replace the classic shower gel and soap with detergents without surfactants (the substances that foam). “Or, even better, with cleansing oils, which eliminate impurities without altering the hydrolipidic film, which is the skin's natural source of protection and hydration” says Piersini.

3. Feed consistently

Every day, morning and evening, the skin must be hydrated with a specific product, rich in substances that increase the elasticity and resistance of the skin fibers. “For example, it is important that the chosen cream contains vitamin E, an antioxidant capable of preserving cell membranes in good condition; vitamin A or chitosans, which hydrate and form a protective film that helps the skin perform its supporting function; Kigelia africana, rich in steroidal flavonoids and saponosides, with a tensor and firming effect ”says the expert. "Another elasticizing substance is boswellic acid, which has a protective action on elastin and collagen fibers".

4. Wear the right bra

Over the course of nine months and breastfeeding, the breasts will change in volume several times, even if not constantly. It is good to adapt the size of the bra from time to time to the new shapes, to offer effective support and not to compress the skin.

5. Strengthen the pectoral muscles

The first workout for the pectorals is to maintain an upright posture. It is useful to practice swimming, which combines the invigorating action of the water with the movements of the arms and shoulders, which also make the pectorals work as a reflex. And then you can perform targeted exercises for the arms, shoulders and pectorals.

Updated on 07.03.2022

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