Burn in the child: how to behave

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Burn in the child

The child got burned. What needs to be done? When can he be treated at home and when would it be better to take him to the hospital? Let's find out on a case-by-case basis how to treat and deal with aburn in the child.

Meaning of the burn

The burn it is a lesion of the skin and surrounding tissues. It occurs when the skin comes in contact with:

  • something very hot (fire, hot objects);
  • an irritant, such as a very acidic or basic chemical;
  • the sun;
  • the electric current.
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How a burn is assessed

How do you tell if a burn is severe? The degree and extent are assessed. Based on severity, there are 3 degrees of burns:

  • 1st degree: in the mildest form the skin appears red. The pain is bearable.
  • 2nd degree: the skin swells, is painful and red. Fluid-filled blisters appear. The pain increases.
  • 3rd degree: in its most severe form, the burn also affects the deeper tissues (including muscles and nerve endings). The skin is blackened and charred.

Then it evaluates extension: one thing is a finger or a foot, another thing is when the burn affects several parts of the body, the abdomen or the face.

When to take our baby to the hospital?

It depends on type of burn and its extent.

  • If it is a redness of the skin or some bubbles have appeared in a small part of the body, it can be easily managed at home.
  • If it involved the face or multiple districts, it is best to go have a medical evaluation.

What to do?

Superficial first and second degree burns in limited areas of the body can be managed by wrapping the affected area.

In other cases, it is better to go to the emergency room.

How to prevent a burn?

  • Attention must be paid to the daily management of the little one, considering that one of the most dangerous areas is the kitchen. If possible, then avoid keeping the baby in the kitchen while you are cooking.
  • Also avoid letting your child play with a lighter or matches.
  • Beware of hot water in the bathroom.

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