Caesarean section: goodbye to the scar thanks to the laser


It's a routine surgical operation. Which is used (or should be used) in parts at risk for the mother and the unborn child. A caesarean section, like any surgical procedure, leaves a scar that can cause problems such as thickening, hollowing or itching.

And if until now, the only way to treat the scar was to resort to cosmetic surgery, today there is an alternative: he laser. As reported by Professor Enrico Bernè, surgeon, Head of the Vascular Malformation Center ASM, in the bimonthly Health Education, published by the Del Paesena Studio Malformazioni ONLUS Association, with a particular laser, the 595 nanometer Dye laser, it is in fact possible to treat hypertrophic scars. caesarean section (scars that appear large and noticeable). With a few sessions of about 2-3 minutes, you can improve the appearance of the scar and reduce symptoms such as tension and itching.

Another method can be used in case of scar fixity or subcutaneous subsidence: the use of diode optical fiber. Done under local anesthesia, it helps the production of new elastic fibers and collagen, giving tone to the tissues.


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Healing of the caesarean scar

After the operation, the skin closes in 7-10 days if there are staples or external thread stitches, after a few weeks the internal sutures are reabsorbed. The consolidation of the tissues, on the other hand, takes a few months. At this point, already after a few weeks, the scar may show hollows. Or it can thicken and become hypertrophic.

SOURCE: Health Education, May - September 2022 published by the Associazione Del Paesena Studio Malformazioni ONLUS


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