Caesarean section or natural birth?

Stefano Bianchi, director of the gynecology and obstetrics unit of the San Giuseppe Hospital in our city and associate professor at the University of our city, explains why natural birth is to be preferred over caesarean.

  • It is the best and most natural way to give birth.

  • It guarantees the mother the fastest recovery, which allows her to better care for her baby from the very first days.

  • After a first natural birth, any subsequent births have a much lower risk of complications.

  • If the woman intends to have other children, natural childbirth is always the best solution, as it does not expose the risk of having to resort to the scalpel again.

  • In almost all hospitals, future fathers can attend natural births: with a caesarean there are very few hospitals that also admit a partner!

  • From a psychological point of view, natural childbirth allows you to live the moment of the birth of your child in an active and more conscious way.

  • Especially if epidural analgesia is extended more and more, mothers will be more serene and motivated to face a spontaneous birth: the fear of pain still blocks a high percentage of women!

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