Cakes for children, from 2 to 99 years

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Cakes for children, from 2 to 99 years

Here are some recipes to prepare delicious and beautiful cakes at home for the little ones and for the older ones. Great for birthday parties and special events. You can choose between the classic birthday cake, the original inverted apple pie, the greedy Red Velvet Cake, or the cake for Mother's Day. The classic carrot plumcake and the 'fake strawberry tart' are also very good. Follow the instructions of Miralda Colombo, food blogger and author of cookbooks for young and old.

1) Classic birthday cake

Do you want to surprise your little ones or a loved one with a delicious birthday cake? Here is the recipe for a cake that is beautiful to look at and good to eat. The decorations, made up of marshmallows and chocolate biscuits, will make it unique and delicious.

2) Inverted pie with apples

How good are the apples! Here is the recipe for the inverted cake: tarte tatin on the outside, but with a very soft inside: a real treat!

3) Mother's Day Cake

A cake that comes from the American tradition: they call it Red Velvet Cake, red velvet cake. Suitable for Mother's Day but also other occasions.

4) Carrot plumcake

Do you fancy a greedy moment? So why not prepare an excellent carrot plum cake to enjoy with the children? If you use orange and purple carrots, you will get a beautiful two-tone effect.

5) Fake tart with cream inside

A tart to cheer up your children's afternoons? Follow the recipe of Miralda Colombo, food blogger and author of cookbooks, and you will quickly make the delicious 'fake strawberry tart'.

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