Can a two-year-old be patient?

"Wait a moment!" Can a two-year-old be patient?

Seen through the eyes of a child ...

For Luca, 22 months, it is indifferent that his mother is phoning the accountant. He wants cuddles now and not in a moment! Because a moment can be very long.

  • … And with the eyes of parents
  • Luca's mother has nerves on the edge of her skin. What a hassle taking notes with the baby in her arms. But shouldn't she understand, even though she's just two years old?!?! The more Luca pulls her, the more stressed she feels ...

    What the expert says

    "Two-year-olds still don't have a sense of time as adults do," says German pedagogue Knobeloch. "For them it's still something huge, to spend a quarter of an hour alone."

    The appropriate solution is therefore to involve the little pests. If you give Luca his plastic phone or an old cordless phone, he can pass the time by phoning him too. Or when a two-year-old has to wait another very long quarter of an hour before eating, get help to set the table or sing a song together. On the other hand, when the hunger is too great, an apple-based appetizer cut into small pieces will calm him down.

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