Can massages be given when breastfeeding?

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Massage and breastfeeding

After the fatigue of pregnancy and childbirth, and after having usually passed the forty-day period not smoothly, it happens that the mother feels the need to take care of herself a little. And if she deserves it! Today we talk about massage and breastfeeding: they can be done? Which are the most suitable?

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How the body changes during breastfeeding

Giving birth to a child requires a lot of physical effort, not only because of the effort of carrying it in the womb for nine months and then giving birth, but because the mother has to controllsi, limit yourself, pay attention to many things. There are several prohibitions, recommendations and more that do not allow us to live normally, even if in most cases these are insignificant and temporary "deprivations". When the baby is born, everything changes: finally the mother can regain possession of his body, or at least part of it. The breast, if she is breastfeeding, it will be - especially in the early days - for the use and consumption of the unborn child, with all the consequences. But the only limitation, aside breastfeed when needed, it relates to what he eats (not too much) and drinks (above all) and any medicines he must take. For the rest, once the forty days have elapsed, once any injuries from a caesarean or episiotomy have been compensated, you can resume doing what you did before. 

So the answer to our question is yes, they can be done massage while breastfeeding

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What are breastfeeding massages for?

While in pregnancy they can be helpful massages by the physiotherapist to relieve, for example, pain in the sciatic nerve or in the lumbar area, during pregnancy it may be useful to have a massage especially to reduce water retention, which affects many mothers. There are those with breastfeeding deflates completely, arriving to lose weight in a completely spontaneous way and even beyond the initial weight, there are those - and it is a majority - instead struggle with swelling in the legs, cellulitis and other issues. 

Farsi massage from expert hands it can therefore be an excellent way to help circulation and restart the body, perhaps combining treatments with a good walk and water and herbal teas. 

Tips for massages while breastfeeding

But be careful: it is true that it is possible to make massage while breastfeeding, but with caution. First of all, ask your doctor's opinion and wait for the forty days. Especially if you have undergone a caesarean section, it may be advisable to avoid the belly and groin area and focus on the upper part and legs. 

Choose only specialized centers: this is true in general, but in breastfeeding even more. Better to be sure that they use harmless products and that they know where to put their hands because they are prepared. 

If you have backache persistent, it is best to go to your doctor first, who may prescribe sessions from a physiotherapist, rather than prefer to do it yourself. In beauty salons it is perfectly fine to undergo relaxing massages o draining, but if you have pain, contractures, migraines, it is always better to consult a specialist before making the situation worse. 

Oxytocin massage

Then there is a type of massage useful for breastfeeding women: it is the oxytocin massage, that is able to stimulate the release of milk from the breast and particularly useful when the mother is sick or tired, but also in case of breast engorgement. 

It is practiced by moving the fingertips of the thumbs so that they draw circles on the sides of the spine, with light pressure, from top to bottom. 

I breastfeeding massages are allowed, as long as you have the ok from your doctor after forty days. You can try draining or relaxing massages, but avoid the breast and chest area. However, if you have persistent back pain or other physical pain or discomfort, talk to your doctor, you may need a physiotherapist.


Oxytocin massage 

Updated on 25.01.2022

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