Candied or dehydrated fruit: how to prepare it

Candied or dehydrated fruit: how to prepare it
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A simple gift idea for Christmas or a birthday. But also a way to preserve fruit in autumn and winter. What is the right way to sweeten and dehydrate fruit?

Natalia Piciocchi's advice from the book Your garden in the kitchen in autumn and winter, LSWR Editions.

How to prepare candied fruit or vegetables

It is an ancient way to preserve fruit, dipping it in sugar syrup.

It can be done with any type of fruit and not just citrus fruits.

Vegetables, such as pumpkins or onions, can also be candied

Where to start? You can decide to cut the fruit into pieces or leave it whole, but in this case you have to make incisions on the peel.

As for citrus fruits it is first necessary to immerse them in cold water for 2-3 days, changing the water every day. So you get the bitter out of the peel!

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How candying is practiced

You have to macerate the fruit in one water and sugar syrup (concentration 1: 1) first brought to boil and then left to cool several times, until the right degree of candying is reached.

The syrup at the end of the process must cover the fruit, especially if it is used to preserve the food.

A little of everything can be candied, but in addition to citrus fruits (oranges, cedars, mandarins, kumquats ...), candied ginger, chestnuts (marron glacé, even if the process is a bit longer), apricot, mango, papaya.

How fruits and vegetables dehydrate

In addition to candying, another preservation process for food, the oldest, is dehydration.

Preservation is guaranteed by the fact that water is removed from the food up to more than 80-90%.

The traditional method predict to dry fruit and vegetables in the sun. However, it can only be done in particularly sunny places and with certain types of food such as: zucchini, figs, plums or tomatoes.

For others it is better use the oven.

Just adjust it to 45-50 ° until the food is completely dehydrated.

It is also possible buy home dryers which greatly reduce the drying time.

What to dehydrate? Strawberries, berries, courgettes, apricots, citrus fruits. But also apples, kiwis, pineapples, melons or peaches.

Foods thus dehydrated are kept in airtight containers.

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