Carmen Russo, mom up?

From sex symbol in the Eighties, to mother in 2022, to ... future mother bis? Carmen Russo became a mother at the age of 53 a year and a half ago, on Valentine's Day. A decision and a will she made at 44, together with her husband Enzo Paolo Turchi. And a little girl who took a long time to arrive. "Since then there have been several attempts. But the intent to become parents has always been present", says the showgirl to the weekly Diva and Donna. In fact, the couple had the baby thanks to artificial insemination, after years of trying. "I had always had the desire to become a mother, but the baby didn't want to arrive naturally, so I resorted to assisted fertilization". These are the words of Carmen Russo released to the weekly 'Chi' in October 2022.

And with the little one Maria who is growing the thought of a little brother is present. In fact, the couple does not rule out the possibility of adopting another child: "I am an only child and I did not grow up so badly" she says in an interview with Diva and Donna on newsstands this week. AND The adoption? "It's a possibility. Of course, adoption depends on age, maybe they should give us a big boy. But that wouldn't be a problem."

The future? "We are already lucky to be able to live, we hope, these twenty, thirty years. We feel the commitment to keep ourselves as healthy as possible and protect her. We don't smoke, we don't drink, we do a lot of gymnastics. Enzo and I don't show our age. , but a little help doesn't hurt. "

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