Champignon or porcini mushrooms in pregnancy

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Champignon or porcini mushrooms in pregnancy

La pregnant woman it can face various food complications: prohibitions, advice, recommendations, it is often a slalom between "I can eat this" and "this absolutely not". But while the prohibitions relating to, for example, toxoplasmosis or the risks deriving from consuming unpasteurized dairy products are known, the issue relating to mushrooms is less clear. For example, it is possible to consume champignon or porcini mushrooms in pregnancy?

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Are mushrooms toxic?

I mushrooms they are neither among vegetables nor among fruits, but they are a world apart which they are also part of yeast e mold. They then reproduce by means of spores and defend themselves from the outside by releasing toxins. But beware: not all toxins are harmful to humans, but in mushrooms there are many distinctions that must be taken into account, especially in pregnancy.

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Mushrooms in pregnancy

Let's start with a premise. Also on the consumption of mushrooms there are several conflicting opinions. Mushrooms are potentially toxic, they absorb slag e pollution, are hardly digestible. For this many doctors advise against consuming them during pregnancy

In fact, if you are a mushroom addict and don't want to do without it, there is a way to consume them: first of all absolute prohibition to collect them and take risks, even if you, your parents, or some other person you trust with your eyes closed is an expert collector. Remember that a poisonous mushroom it can have serious consequences on the fetus. 

After that, only consume products purchased in safe places and cook them before eating them, in order to make them more digestible and, in some cases, eliminate toxins thanks to cooking (in fact it depends on the type of mushroom).

What mushrooms to choose if you are pregnant

Clarified that absolutely not necessary consume mushrooms collected by us or from friends, or buy them in makeshift stores, there are still mushrooms that can be safely consumed during the pregnancy. The best way to avoid taking risks is undoubtedly to buy cultivation mushrooms, which prevent the onset of contamination by pollutants. Whether they are frozen or fresh, buying them at the supermarket will give you peace of mind.

Champignons in pregnancy

One of the mushrooms most common found on Del Paesene tables is certainly the so-called champignon (French word which means mushroom!). In general, its toxicity should be harmless to humans, but since like all mushrooms they are not free from it, it is better anyway limit their consumption. Yes to a pasta with mushrooms, pizza with mushrooms or an omelette: the important thing is to always cook them and eat them from time to time. 

Porcini and pregnancy

As regards the delicious porcini mushrooms, autumn is the best time to eat them fresh. But be careful: as we said, it is always better be wary of those collected in the woods and instead rely on authorized points of sale. You can find fresh from agriculture all year round or, very convenient, dried, perfect for risottos or pizzas. The Ministry of Health advises against the consumption of mushrooms harvested during pregnancy, so never trust them and if you really want to take away the whim of a risotto with mushrooms, buy them frozen foods or dried and only in the supermarket. 

Mushrooms in Oil

I porcini and champignon also exist in version in oil: also in this case, as for all foods in oil, the guidelines they advise against taking them during pregnancy, not so much for the danger of toxicity as for the risk of Botox.

In general, mushrooms in pregnancy should be avoided as much as possible because, even if rich in nutrients, I am laden with toxins that could hurt mom and baby. Eaten in moderation, always cooked and always purchased in safe places (even better if grown, frozen or dried) porcini and champignons they are also granted to pregnant women.


Consume mushrooms safely

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