Childbirth: emotions, joys and sorrows in 8 beautiful videos

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There are those who choose to give birth within the home walls, while those who are forced to have a caesarean section in the operating room. Some moms give birth to their baby in the water, others still prefer to stand up rather than lie down. Each woman decides to experience her birth in a unique way: we have chosen 8 video found on the web that show how, in any case, it is a unique and fundamental moment not only for the mother but also for the rest of the family who assist the pregnant woman.

1. Video birth ... in sea water

A very special and exciting water birth: a German mother chose to give birth to her third daughter, Katharina, at sea.

2. Twin birth video

A completely natural twin birth of two boys, at 38 weeks and three days of gestation: the first baby, Kyson, is born at 12.26 while the little brother Kaden just 7 minutes away.

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3. Home birth video

It will be thanks to the music that accompanies the last moments of this mother's pregnancy or the sweet kisses that she exchanges with her partner, but it is impossible not to get excited in front of this video, in which the birth of the child takes place at home, in a tub full of water. 

4. Natural childbirth video

The birth, with natural childbirth, of little Mia. Her most exciting moment: when her mother, with trembling hands, embraces her as soon as she is born, with the umbilical cord still attached.

5. Video birth with epidural

Emma's mother chose to give birth with an epidural instead and in this video she shows the last moments of labor and the first meeting with her daughter.

6. Video caesarean delivery

Are you ready to enter the operating room? In this video, you can see what happens during a caesarean section up close.

7. Water birth video

This video shows the last part of labor, which lasted 8 hours, and the birth of the baby. Mom and dad trusted a midwife who allowed their third child to be born at home with a natural water birth.


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8. Active standing video birth

By "active birth" we always mean a natural birth, in which the woman makes use of all her strength and resources to face labor: it is the parturient herself who decides how to move and what position to adopt. In this video, the young mom chooses to remain standing to give her baby to luca.

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