Childbirth: the truest and most exciting images

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Childbirth is a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether it is natural, Caesarean, at home or in the hospital, it is always exciting and strong. We have collected the most beautiful and truest photos published on the site, including those won during famous awards or taken by professional reporters. Good vision!

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  • Natural childbirth pictures
  • Baby images seconds after birth
  • Cesarean delivery pictures
  • Imagine having a home birth
  • Photo of the birth of the "Birth Photography Competition"
  • Images from the delivery room
  • Photo report from the delivery room
  • I share your youtube, i video
  • A few seconds after birth

1.Natural childbirth, photos to see how it happens

Come on, reality, sweetness, love. A life that is born. Love in its pure state. Natural childbirth can be scary. Above all, pain can be scary, but you don't have to think about that alone. We have described natural childbirth in pictures. (Also Read: 10 Things To Know About Natural Childbirth)


Natural childbirth, 68 photos to know what happens

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There is strength, tenderness, humanity. And life. It is not easy to describe the moment when a woman gives birth to her child. Especially when we talk about natural childbirth, ...

2. Pictures of newborn babies

Small, defenseless, very sweet. Some with the umbilical cord still attached, others with the first cry. We offer you a roundup of photos of children just seconds after birth.


Newborn babies, here are 40 IRRESISTIBLE images a few seconds after birth

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They are small, sweet, immensely tender. If the cry of the newborn baby is a hymn to life, the image of him is something that only those who have been in the delivery room can ...

3.Cesarean section, photos to understand what it is

It may seem mechanical and unnatural. Although you think of it as a solution when baby and mom are in trouble, it is still a unique experience. We told about the caesarean section with a series of images, even strong ones.


Caesarean delivery: 52 photos from the operating room to understand how it happens

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It may seem mechanical, not natural. The solution that is used when the baby and the mother are in difficulty. But it is life. It is the coming into the world of a new ...

4.I leave home, the shots of Pixie's birth

Give birth at home? It's possible! An American woman did it, photographed by David Isaacson, who immortalized all the stages of Pixie's birth in beautiful shots.


Birth at home: the incredible photos of Pixie's birth

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 David Isaacson photographed all stages of Pixie's birth An unassisted home birth. "It was a really good experience to be with little Alicja, mom Roo and ...

5. Photos of the birth: the images of the "Birth Photography Competition"

Some professional and childbirth photographers take thrilling shots that capture the precise moment when a new life comes to light. In the photo gallery the best photos awarded by the "International Association of Professional Birth Photographers".


The most magical birth photos that won the Birth Photography Competition

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Childbirth photographers not only need a good camera, but also patience, strong nerves and a good dose of empathy. However, they are rewarded with shots ...

6.Images from the delivery room

Strong, exciting, magical photos that tell of the arrival of a new life. We tell you about the birth and everything that happens in the delivery room in pictures. In the photo gallery the most exciting images.


20 exciting and STRONG photos from the delivery room

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Strong, like life. Strong, like pain, blood, fatigue, fear. But also magical, as only the birth of a child can be. Pure love. We tell you in pictures ...


Childbirth, photos that tell the most beautiful moment

Childbirth is for every woman the most beautiful moment in the world: immortalizing this authentic explosion of strength is a way to have a memory of a unique and unrepeatable event. Here are 50 photos to tell the birth.


Childbirth: 50 images to tell the most beautiful moment

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The birth can be long and painful, or quick and almost painless, it can be a natural or caesarean birth, it can be traditional or in water, but in any case, the ...

8.I leave by the sea: the photo report by Marina and Sergej

You can give birth by the sea: Marina did it, who, together with her partner Sergej, lived the experience firsthand in Russia. Below is the touching photo report.


Giving birth by the sea: the touching photo report of mother Marina and father Sergej

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What does it mean to give birth by the sea? Marina knows this well, who together with her partner Sergej lived the experience firsthand. Here are some really exciting photos taken at ...

9.I leave with an epidural: the photo report of Chiara's experience

The birth with epidural of Chiara, 42, was particular because the child moved at the last moment and came out of the face and not the nape of the neck. Below is her photo-story of her delivery with analgesia.


Painless childbirth: reportage from the delivery room

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Chiara is 42 years old and has recently become the mother of little Celeste for the second time. Here are the photos of her giving birth to her with analgesia: Chiara has in fact chosen to give birth with ...

10.Mother Elena's twin birth: the photo report

Elena, 33, gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl. The birth was followed by a professional photographer. Here is the photo-story.


Photoreportage: mother Elena's twin birth

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An unexpected twin pregnancy. A delivery different from what one would expect. Elena, 33 years old and already a mother of two children, is the second protagonist of a series of ...

11.Fotoreportage of Pamela's birth and her pregnancy with lymphoma

During her pregnancy, Pamela discovered she had lymphoma and underwent light courses of chemotherapy. Fortunately, everything went well and little Nicola came into the world healthy. Here is the photo-story of Pamela's experience.


Photoreportage: Pamela and her birth after a diagnosis of lymphoma

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Pamela, the mother who is the protagonist of this photo report, is 37 years old and from Montefalco, in the province of Perugia. During her pregnancy, she discovered that she had lymphoma. She underwent ...

12.Natural part, video from the web

Do you want to see a live birth? Here are 10 beautiful videos of natural births: from the one in water to the one with an epidural in the hospital, passing through a curious birth in the car. Lots of videos for you.

13. A few seconds after birth

Very small. Sweet and helpless. True. Immortalized just a few minutes after their birth.

They are the newborns protagonists of these strong but exciting photos.


Newborns immortalized within seconds of birth (PHOTO)

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Born with a caesarean or natural birth. Immortalized within seconds, minutes after their birth. They are the newborns protagonists of these strong but exciting images.

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