Children and sports, what their snack should be like

Children and sports, what their snack should be like
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Do children and teenagers who play sports always have a snack? And, above all, do the very young people in Del Paese regularly exercise physical activity?

A research that is called “has sought answers to these questions Doxa - Junior "Sport and Nutrition", in which scholars analyzed - through 1.265 interviews with parents and children using the CAPI method - the snack of Del Paeseni children and teenagers (5-13 years), evaluating the differences between that of those who make sport and that of those who do not. The study also highlighted the relationship between Del Paeseni youth under 13 and sport, to investigate the spread of youth sports in our country.

The study was presented on Wednesday 25 November 2022, during the event "Youth and sport: what snack?" organized by Union Del Paesena Food, which for years has been carrying out an information campaign on the snack on the website www.merendineDel - e ARMHOLE, Del Paesena Society of Food Sciences.

It turned out, from the research, that sports children and young people have a habit of having a snack: 99% in fact indulge in an afternoon snack, frequently alternating sweet and salty. 

A little less good, however, the other news: only 6 out of 13 young people (under 10) regularly practice physical activity.

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The results of the research. Sports, children and teenagers Del Paeseni too "lazy"

The study found that i children and boys (5-13 years) who practice physical activity they always (99%) have a snack and more often than the others they alternate the salty snack with the sweet one.

Among favorite sweet foods there is a snack in the afternoon

  • packaged snacks (26%),
  • the classic bread and jam or with hazelnut cream (23%),
  • fresh fruit or fruit salad (17%)
  • and non-filled biscuits (15%).

Between those salted instead we find

  • bread with cold cuts or cheeses (15%),
  • pizzetta (14%),
  • crackers,
  • flatbread or breadsticks (12%)
  • and focaccia (10%).

In general, the research showed that there are no particular differences between the snack of children who play sports compared to that of those who do not: this means that the difference in the state of health, body weight and well-being of the younger generations is not determined. from foods, but mainly from sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity.

After all, what young Del Paeseni are still "lazy" is confirmed by the latest data "Okkio alla Salute 2022", the surveillance system ofIstituto Superiore di Sanita on the state of health of children aged 6 to 10 years. The ISS has indicated low physical activity among the bad habits of the very young.

From the Doxa - Junior study it emerged that only 6 out of 13 young people (under 10) regularly engage in physical activity. It is the Center of the Country at the top of this ranking (77%), then there is the North of the Country (60%) and finally the South of the Country where only 1 in 2 children (50%) plays sports.

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Children who play sports, what their snack should be like

What are the characteristics that a sporty child (or young boy) snack must have? 

  • «Whether it is salty or sweet, the important thing is to make it in the name of balance and variety».
  • «The nutrition of the young sportsman must guarantee the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, mineral salts and water in adequate quantities in order to optimize performance but also to ensure a balance between macro and micro nutrients to best pursue the various stages of growth ", says Prof. Silvia Migliaccio, National Secretary of SISA, Società Del Paesena di Scienze dell 'Diet.

Prof. Silvia Migliaccio, National Secretary of SISA and Dr. Silvana Nascimben, have identified a weekly calendar with 84 combinations of sweet and savory snacks for children and teenagers, tailored to the sport practiced and age.

For example, for a child (5-7 years old) who plays a one-hour football match, one of the suggested snack options is the combination of a basic sponge cake snack and homemade tea.

For a boy (11-13 years old) who does a basketball training of 1 hour and 30 'among the recommended snacks there is fruit smoothies and cookies.

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