Children consume meat thinking it is not of animal origin

Children consume meat thinking it is not of animal origin
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Children consume meat thinking it is not of animal origin

There is much discussion about the impact that meat consumption has on the environment and it is believed that the food industry linked to the production of food based on animals is among the main culprits pollution of the Planet. THE children consume meat but without being aware of it.

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Meat responsible for greenhouse gases

According to the WWF, a third environmental pollution it is due to ours supply, at least in Europe. In particular, theanimal husbandry destined for consumption would be responsible for a large part of the emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as a greater use of resources. And while adults are aware of the problem, i children they seem unaware of what they consume.

Children eat meat without knowing it

The phrase is deliberately provocative but this is what emerges from a survey carried out by the Journal of Environmental Psychology, which interviewed 176 American children between 4 and 7 years old. The picture that emerges is somewhat worrying: a percentage ranging between 30 and 40% of them is in fact unaware of the fact that bacon, chicken nuggets e hot dog are actually animal products and believes that it is alimony of vegetable origin

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Because children don't recognize meat

The explanation of why so many children are not aware of what they eat is soon said: these foods, widely consumed in the United States but also widespread in the country, do not have the shape of the animal. It may seem trivial, but for such young children, sight and sight count flavor. a nugget it certainly does not resemble a chicken, neither in shape nor in taste, which in fact is often further altered by the use of sauces

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Children should eat less meat

It has now been established that we should limit the consumption of meat to help the environment, but also for ours health: in particular industrial preparations such as nuggets, sausage, hamburger commercial products are not only "meat", but have inside additives and salt that are not good for health, and the process to produce them is highly polluting.

For this it would be better to limit the eating meat both specifically with regard to ready-made products of this type, and more generally, especially when there is no certainty of origin. 

Tips for getting children to eat meat

La meat however, it remains an excellent source of protein, fundamental for all human beings and even more so for children, who are still growing up. It would be better, if possible, limit the consumption of packaged products such as nuggets, industrial hamburgers, sausages and other preparations, including frozen ones, once in a while. Better to prefer organically farmed meat, whose animals they are raised according to very strict criteria and for which a modest use of medicines is made (some are really forbidden). Whenever possible, it would be good to replace meat with other sources of protein, such as legumes. There are tons of lentil, bean and chickpea dishes that kids love!

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Vegetarian children

If the parents are Vegetarians, they may have the desire to go the same way for their children. Usually this is possible because even schools have a special menu for those who do not eat meat and fish, but while it is simpler with the smaller ones, it could become complex with the boys, who go out and find themselves with peers maybe in fast food. If at home you don't eat meat, therefore, do not be too rigid: the important thing is to teach to appreciate the alternatives that offer the right amount of protein and do not get angry if the children do not want to follow in the footsteps of their parents, it is still their choice. 

Eat less meat is essential to reduce theenvironmental impact that man has on Earth and try to save it from ecological disaster. The investigation showing how i children are unaware of what they eat: the first step is therefore to acquire awareness in the family e limit the consumption of meat to fresh and organic products that do not confuse the little ones.


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