Children's language, a manual with tricks to stimulate them to speak

A manual dedicated to children but aimed at parents, to soothe their anxieties and worries when the child does not speak or stammers. It's “Talking… playing. Advice to parents to help children to speak well ", written by Claudia Azzaro, who in the volume (the result of twenty-four years of experience as a speech therapist) teaches small, unobtrusive tricks to stimulate children to speak, helps to understand early on what time is just to go to a specialist and explain to mom and dad how the child's linguistic world develops and why it sometimes gets stuck.

An example are "double questions", that the author defines “a simple and natural way to encourage the child to express himself verbally: 'do you want chips or ice cream?'. A little trick that helps the child to choose, to decide, to feel important ".

Or, again, talking puppets: "usually children love to reverse roles, so that, at least in the game, they can command, scold, decide, pamper. And by reversing the roles, parents can, by playing, make small corrections that sound less invasive. (Read also: How to enrich your child's vocabulary)

When, on the other hand, we reach the age in which the little one is able to tell, often mum and dad, trying to push the child to the story, instead inhibit him with the usual question: "What did you do at school today?". And the answers are always disappointing: "I played", "I ate" ... To avoid stereotypical answers, explains Azzaro, "it is better to invite him for a walk: when he wants, he will naturally begin to tell some experience of the day that struck him ". (You may also be interested in 12 strategies to promote your child's mental development)

Claudia Azzaro, "Talking ... playing. Advice to parents to help children speak well". Armando publisher.

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Updated on 06.03.2022

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