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Are you a lover of China? Are you fascinated by Chinese culture? If you are about to become a parent, you can choose to give your little one a Chinese name. We offer you a list of Chinese male and female names with beautiful meanings. 

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Most popular Chinese names of 2022

The most popular Chinese names in 2022 were Yichen e Yinuo according to an annual report based on information from household records.

According to the document, more than 14.000 children were called Yichen, which means "the great times" or "stars". Instead, more than 24.000 girls received the name of Yinuo, which means "a promise".

Too short and common names: initiatives to make them longer and more sought after

The study also found that more and more parents are giving their babies longer names to make them stand out. To date, about 3,3% of the population has names with four or more characters, but more than 90% of names have only three characters (including surnames as well).

In recent years, the police have even introduced a service for parents, so that they can search the database of names for avoid giving children the ones that are too common.

Instead, as regards the surnames, Li belongs to the largest group of those born in 2022. Furthermore, an increasing tendency to distance oneself from tradition and to choose the surnames of the mothers

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Chinese female names


It means "shining" or "child of autumn".


It means "shining".

Who is it 

The name Chie means "wisdom".

Hui ying

It is a compound name and means "intelligent" and "wise".


The name Izumi means "fountain".


It means "little girl with an eternal grace".


It means "the smallest of all the sisters".


It means "lovable".


It alludes to sunset or sunrise.


It means "promise".


It refers to luck, but it also means snow.

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Chinese male names


It means "hard worker".


It means "to see beyond the ocean".


It means "man of great strength".


Very common name, it means "wise and transparent".


It means "correct", "honest".


It means "harmonious man".


It means "shining", "fresh".


It means "smart", "awake".

Yan yan 

Very popular in China, it means "elegant, handsome and noble-minded man".


It means "the great times" or "stars".


Very common, it means "to go beyond everything".

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