Choose the best pet for your baby - here's everything you need to keep in mind

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Animals and children: a unique bond, which they will both remember for a lifetime. It is not new that almost all children want to have a pet at home. A cat, more often a dog, but some are also "satisfied" with a goldfish, in order to have some.

But which one to choose? The veterinarian Diego Manca (author of several books including Stories to lick their whiskers-Cats told by the veterinarian and Manual (semi-serious) on dog education) who has already told us about animals and Christmas gifts, helps us to shed some light on this issue.

The veterinarian Diego Manca, who gave us his precious advice

The necessary questions to ask yourself

There are now many families who decide to adopt or buy a pet, especially when there are children in the house. Parents rightly care about whether or not an animal it could be dangerous for the health of the little ones at home.

The question, therefore, is more than legitimate: which is the most suitable animal for children? «In my opinion there is no objective or definitive answer, it most certainly depends on the family lifestyle", Explains Dr. Manca," where do you live, whether in a house with a garden or a condominium, what kind of work commitments do the parents have, the age of the children, how much free time can you dedicate to animals ... questions that every family should ask themselves ".

From fish and turtles to ... dogs

Taking into consideration all possible animals, «I would put aside fish and aquatic animals, because they give little interaction: if we want to give our children a pet animal, I would focus on other species ", continues the veterinarian," with fish there is no big commitment, it's true, but the relationship ends there: you can't to interact. The same with the turtles, which perhaps give more satisfaction, but there is not a great commitment that serves the child to grow and mature ».

As regards the small mammals, such as hamster, dwarf bunny and guinea pig, «these are animals that require little effort, but hamsters have a mostly nocturnal life: they make a lot of noise with the wheel and could disturb the sleep of children. The Bunny as an animal he is cute and sociable, but he has the bad habit of putting everything in his mouth, including electric wires and furniture, so you have to be very careful. There Guinea pig perhaps it is the calmest animal among these small mammals, therefore, among them, I consider it the most suitable for children ».

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The dog, capable of incredible affection

The first animal to keep in a house with children that one thinks of «is definitely the dog: it gives you an incredible affection, it repays you in every respect with its fidelity. You can't help but love it, the dog always wins you over. It gives you tenderness when you come home, even if you are out for a short time. Dogs they are great for the mood, even of the child. There is a lot of interaction between dogs and children, the relationship that is created between child and dog is incredible.

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But, to take care of it better, you need to have time and consider that the dog is also one expenditure as for food, visits to the vet, dog sitter, retirement ... But I can say with certainty that the game is worth the candle: the animal compensates you with its love and it gives you joys that other animals give in a more obscure way ». The most beautiful thing is "raise the child with the puppy dog ​​together or with a dog at a young age: there will be memories of games and complicity that children will never forget ».

The most suitable dog breeds for children

If we talk about races, for small children, «the Maltese, the pug and the cavalier king, or the poodle is very good. If the children are a little older I would focus on the labrador, the golden retriever or the boxer, because they are very sweet animals that bring the family together more ”, explains Manca again.

On the subject of cats

Among the animals, «the cat it's okay if the family is away from home for many hours during the day, because they suffer a little less from being detached from their boss. It is said "we have a dog, but we house a cat", because this animal appreciates cuddles and attention even if it is more discreet and independent », explained Dr. Manca. There are more advisable breeds like 'the Burmese, the Persian ragdoll the Maine coon.

For those who want a little bird

Some children, perhaps fascinated by the character of Tweety, "want the birds. It is an animal species that is very fond of man. Canaries and parrots need company, but I never push towards the purchase of animals that are locked up or in terrariums: I'm sorry for these animals that they spend their entire life in cages».

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