Christmas gift for dad DIY: the paper clip

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Every Christmas the problem presents itself promptly: "Mum, what are we going to give to dad?". To avoid the classic cd or the wool scarf, why not one afternoon to pack the present with your own hands together with the little ones? To get some methodical indications, we asked for help from Francesca Pieri, the operative and creative soul of Mammamondo as well as the mother of three children, who proposed us a beautiful paper clip to brighten up and color dad's office desk.


Christmas: DIY gifts to make with children

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A way to personalize Christmas gifts and save (maybe) even a little? Arm your children with paper, glue, blunt scissors and ... follow these instructions to prepare them all ...

Materials to obtain to create the gift

  • A clothes peg (both wooden and plastic are fine)
  • Colored cards
  • Vinyl glue (or hot)
  • Scissors


«The concept is to try to create a" portrait "of the dad so that the clothespin turns into a mini-dad. Free rein to the imagination, therefore, because everyone can decide to "dress" the clothespin as he prefers. I recommend starting from the face, because it will then give the measurement for the size of the clothes. We have created a giant tie and brushed his hair, but obviously every child can decide to follow his dad's real model! ». Have the children draw and cut out the various parts on the cardboard: all these will then be glued on the structure of the clothespin.

«In jobs like these you don't need to do things super finished: letting the kids do just about everything is the best, because the end results are amazing. Try letting them design a shirt or a shirt, a pair of pants or a coat and a hat! The only important thing is that the clothespin at the end, when the "clothes" and the face are attached on top, cannot be seen anymore.. So the dad can keep his Christmas present on his desk and use it as a nice paperweight ».

Alternative creative

To give a nice feeling to the touch every time the dad picks up his paperweight, you can decide to cut out pieces of fabric and glue them over the shape of a tie cut out of the cardboard, as in this example:

For older children and experts with the brush, a nice idea is also to draw the silhouette of mom and dad hugging.

The simple and super quick alternative is to make gods dots with the brush of the father's favorite color: obviously the little ones will not be so spherical, but the important thing is that they did it with their own hand.

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