Clean the baby's nose

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Nose of the newborn

In case of a cold it is a good rule of thumb clean the nose, for both ward off virus concentration that the mucus engulfs, both to ensure the child one better breathing. How to do?

Water vapor

A useful strategy is to let him breathe water vapor, for example by taking the child to the bathroom after having operated the shower jet with very hot water for a few minutes. In this way, copious quantities of mucus are encouraged to escape, which must then be removed with a soft handkerchief, dabbing slightly.

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Newborn and nasal wash

The baby can also be of relief nasal wash. How to do the nasal wash? It is necessary to equip yourself with the appropriate ones single-dose vials or with a syringe without a needle and a small amount of physiological solution. The physiological solution - which can also be prepared at home, by boiling a teaspoon of salt in a liter of water - should be introduced gently into the nose, placing the tip of the needle-free syringe at the base of the nostrils.


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Nasal aspirators

If the nasal secretions are abundant and tend to form crusts, it may be appropriate to use a nasal aspirator, a device that allows you to aspirate the mucus, placing it gently at the mouth of the nostril, possibly after washing. Generally, devices that allow mom and dad to suck up mucus are more delicate than mechanical ones, which can risk damaging the mucous membranes.

How to avoid chapped skin

For the duration of the cold it is advisable to spread a thin veil of emollient cream to limit redness and prevent the moisture produced by the mucus from cracking the skin.

With the advice of Leo Venturelli, family pediatrician, author of numerous publications on outpatient pediatrics and co-author of popular books for parents

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