Clothes for pregnancy, how to "recycle" your wardrobe

During the pregnancy the body does turns, changes, rounds, swells. And, a few settimane after discovering to be pregnant, the age-old begins dilemma of what to put, first to hide the bacon barely visible, then to stand comode but always remain faithful to own style. But how to avoid the effect matrona, sausage o bonbonniere without spending a heritage? It is necessary to redo the wardrobe only for nine months and buy clothes for pregnancy? No! Only small ones are enough precautions and some strategic leader which can solve a Jimi Hendrix .

The first thing he will start giving you nuisance with the belly that grows will i jeans, so if this is one of your bosses favorite and you must choose what to invest in, buy quite a few of a colore easy to adapt and with one band high to be able to exploit during the nine months and in the first weeks after the delivery.

Done this purchase, open thewardrobe and pass in review the content: if you have shirts not too much tight you can safely use them, even better if they are smocks more long behind that they will give you comfort even in recent months. Same goes for the oversized sweaters, also very suitable in pregnancy both on jeans both on leggins (not necessarily Maternity, as long as they are soft in "vita") or even on skirts di jersey o cotton.

Green light then to all cardigan that you used even before you found out you were waiting for a child. Those are fine long and those short, Sports o stylish. I am a leader among most versatile. The long ones are tactical to hide some roundness in addition and very comfortable on both Abit both on pants. Those short become more and more customs as the belly grows, even in spring, to cover up but without exaggerate and maybe go in office.

Still on the subject of clothes for pregnancy, let's move on to the chapter Abit: if you have in the closet dresses summer or winter cut under the breast, style empire, I am perfect also with the bellies more great e bulky. Analogous speech for i long dresses, very comfortable with a nice cardigan or one shawl. An ideal solution both with flat shoes and old, with sandali or with stivali.

What if yours pregnancy lasts allwinter, yes to the technique of strati. Because, you know, women pregnant they often have hot, so it will be easier undress depending on temperature that you perceive. And to go out quite a bit poncho with or without collar that you can also wear over a maxipull or above one jacket open. It will keep you very hot and without giving you awkwardness.

Speaking of clothes for pregnancy, i deserve a brief parenthesis morals: do not spend figures absurd for those Maternity. If you have any nice ones bikini do not have fear di to exhibit your beautiful belly, is the thing more than fashion this summer and in all summers. If anything, invest in a nice one pareo to wear knotted in "vita" or neck. And then space for yours taste: a mum waiting is always bella.

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