Colds - remedies for children are not very effective

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Il cold it affects children much more, but for the little ones there aren't many valid remedies.

To say it is the review of a study that appeared on the BMJ magazine by a research team of University of Brisbane (Australia) and of Ghent (Belgium).

According to the conclusions set out, in fact, although the little ones accuse on average twice as many colds per year compared to adults (eight, against the four of us adults) most of the recommended remedies do not have scientifically proven efficacy.

Many proposals, few solutions

According to what was reported by the authors of the research, the only over-the-counter products that are actually useful are decongestants: nasal sprays, antihistamines o antiinflammatory.

However, similar drugs they are not recommended for people under the age of 12 (which however represents a proof of the real action brought to the body by the product).


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Other remedies very popular in the common vulgate such as humidified air, herbs, garlic, ginseng, honey, zinc supplements, vitamins, echinacea o various probiotics, on the other hand, they wouldn't do much good.

He antibiotics? Decidedly prohibited!

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What to do then?

According to experts, cold symptoms usually they fade on their own within 7-10 days.

During this time, the only useful thing to do is to have a supply of handkerchiefs, keep the little one warm and, if necessary, relieve symptoms with nasal treatments of physiological solution (of water and salt), a method without side effects and which can be repeated several times during the course of the disease.

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