Comfortable and safe babies with the Primo Viaggio Lounge reclining car seat

Primo Viaggio Lounge: the first fully reclining car seat

First Travel Lounge is the new car seat di Peg Perego fully reclining, to carry the baby safely and comfortably. The watchwords are comfort e luxury: With First Travel Lounge the newborn can immediately take long and comfortable naps while traveling by car.

This seat represents aexcellence Del Paesena: designed and built entirely in Del Paese, First Travel Lounge focuses on quality, which has always been Peg Perego guarantees.

Side view of the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Lounge seat

Source: Peg Perego

Primo Viaggio Lounge inside

Source: Peg Perego


Here are the main functions and features of the Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat

  • The function Comfort Recline allows you to recline the backrest and extend the legrest, allowing the child to lie down in the best ergonomic position even in the car, thanks to the Base i-Size optional (an accessory sold separately)
  • Allows the little one to travel in opposite direction of travel longer, up to 87 cm in height
  • It is approved for use in aircraft 
  • It can be attached to the frames of Peg Perego strollers, thanks to a practical automatic system, to take relaxed walks in total relaxation

Primo Viaggio Lounge in a reclined position

Source: Peg Perego

Installation and reclining

Comfort and safety

Peg Perego has thought of today's families, who often travel for work or for pleasure, but who do not want to give up comfort and safety.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Lounge on an i-Size car base

Source: Peg Perego

First Travel Lounge meets these expectations: thanks to the system Comfort Recline, which proposes a recline in three positions (sitting, relaxing or lying) you can choose whether to mount the car seat on the Base i-Size optional (equipped with Isofix hooks and support foot) or to hook it onto the frame of a stroller of the same brand.

First Travel Lounge it can be installed in the car even without the base, using the 3-point seat belts, but the Comfort Recline function is only active using the Base i-Size optional. On the stroller, on the other hand, the Comfort Recline function is guaranteed even without a base. 

The seat must always be fitted in the opposite direction of travel and, if fitted to the front seat, the passenger side airbag must be deactivated.

The Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat mounted on the Book 51 S chassis

Source: Peg Perego

Security and protection

Peg Perego has thought first of all about safety in the car

The seat First Travel Lounge has extendable canopy, to protect the child from the elements: it is Pagoda Hood, a comfortable extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection and ventilation mesh.

The Primo Viaggio Lounge canopy closed

Source: Peg Perego

In the event of a side impact, i Kinetic Pods protect the child from shocks, in combination with the EPS inserts for the absorption of impact energy.
Still on the subject of safety, First Travel Lounge features side impact protection ASIP (Adjustable Side Impact Protection) on the headrest, height adjustable in 6 positions to follow the growth of the child.
Even the reducer mattress Dual-Stage Cushion, as the child grows, it can be removed when it is no longer needed.
Finally, the system Chest Clip, helps to maintain the correct position of the car seat safety belts.

Frontal image of Primo Viaggio Lounge by Peg Perego

Source: Peg Perego

Price and colors

The seat First Travel Lounge by Peg Perego is on sale at the recommended retail price of 249 € and you can choose between 8 colors:

  • Luxury Ecru
  • Luxury Mirage
  • Luxe Pure
  • Mon amour
  • Navy
  • Onyx
  • Newlife
  • Polo

Luxury Ecru

Source: Peg Perego

Luxury Mirage

Source: Peg perego

Luxe Pure

Source: Peg Perego

Mon amour

Source: Peg Perego


Source: Peg Perego


Source: Peg Perego


Source: Peg Perego


Source: Peg Perego

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