Compulsory vaccinations and school, what to do region by region

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A few more weeks for some, days for others and the 2022-2022 school year will begin. Among the novelties of this year the new law on the obligation of vaccinations.

But how does it work region by region? Not all behave in the same way: there are some who have sent emails or letters to families, others who have organized home checks and still others who have established referrals.

The provision of the Guarantor for privacy on the processing of data

From today, 1 September 2022, schools and educational services for children will be able to transmit the lists of members of the ASL competent for verifying vaccination regularity, without adding bureaucratic burdens to families and public administration. It is a urgent measure, created to allow data processing that is not provided for by the legislation on vaccines until before 2022, issued after the request of Tuscany.

Here are the provisions of the Del Paesene regions: how to behave, what happens, what to expect or where to find out.

Val d'Aosta

Parents of minors up to 16 years of age will receive from the health company the certificates of vaccinations to be presented at school. Those who are not in order must contact the local health authority, which will invite the family to a meeting in order to regularize the situation. For more information, read the Ausl website.


The Region has already sent letters to the 'non-compliant' families with appointments to get the missing vaccines, which must be brought to school.


Families whose children are already in good standing will not receive any communication: parents will only have to fill in a self-certification to be delivered at school. The form is on the website of the Piedmont Region and at the sites of the individual territorial Asl. For info: Piedmont Region.



By 10 September, letters certifying compliance with vaccines will be sent to families with children up to 6 years of age. A meeting has been set for 10 September for families not in good standing. Subsequently, the Region will take care of children of compulsory school age. For more information, consult the site of the reference local health authority of Liguria.


The Region has established an extension of 40 days for children up to 6 years. From 11 September, schools have 10 days to solicit non-compliant families. There will then be another 15 days to organize a meeting with experts and, in another 15 days, the child will be vaccinated. The choice of extension was contested by Minister Fedeli. For info: Lombardy Region.

Trentino Alto Adige

In Trentino, parents can download the vaccination documents to take to school from the FastTreC health system website.

In South Tyrol, the local health authorities have already started sending letters to families with the list of missing vaccines and the confirmation of those performed. For info: Press office of the Province of Trento; South Tyrolean Health Authority.


The Local Health Authorities of Veneto have begun to invite the families of minors up to 16 years of age to present the self-certification at school or to go and get the vaccination certificates from the Local Health Authority. The Region is the only one in the country that has decided to appeal against the Lorenzin law on the obligation of vaccines. For info: Veneto Region.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Health Authority has started to contact parents for an appointment and an informative interview indicating the methods and times to carry out the missing vaccinations. A modification of Friuli Venezia Giulia concerns self-certification, to be done with the consent to the exchange of data between school and health care. For info: Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Emilia of the city

The local health authorities send the vaccination status to kindergartens or call the unvaccinated for an appointment. For kindergartens, the Region sends home the certification, which must be brought to school, or establishes an appointment. For children 0-3 years there is already a regional law from 2022. For info:


The schools have sent the data of the pupils to the ASL by 31 August and the latter will contact the families who are not in good standing. Those in good standing will not have to do anything. The Region had requested the issuance of the provision of the Privacy Guarantor, which came into force from 1 September to allow the processing of data necessary for the communication of schools and ASL. Info: Tuscany Region.


It is the Region that writes directly to the families of non-compliant minors. Those who are compliant must only download the self-certification form from the Marche Region website and deliver it to school. Info: Marche Region.


In Umbria the local health authorities send home vaccination 'compliance' certificates to the families of children up to 16, which must be taken to school. The deadlines are: by 10 September for children up to 6 years and by 31 October for compulsory school pupils. Info: Umbria Region.


The ASL will inform the schools who is up to date with vaccinations. A website is available from which those who have yet to comply can download the self-certification. Info: Lazio Region.


In Abruzzo, the regional school office did not accept the proposal to send the names of students enrolled in schools to the local health authorities. With the official green light of the Privacy Guarantor, given on September 1st, the situation should change.


A guide for families on times and obligations to be respected is about to be published in Molise. The regional CGIL asked the Region to simplify the procedures.


In Campania it is estimated that 90 pupils will have to be vaccinated. After the provision (1 September 2022) of the Guarantor for privacy, the Asl of Campania will communicate data on vaccines to schools. Info: Campania Region.


The Apulian schools will send the names of the pupils to the Region, which will carry out the checks by comparing them with the ASL data. Then the lists of children with 'color codes' will be sent to the institutions: green for those in good standing, yellow for those who have to complete the vaccines, red for those who have never carried them out. It will be the Region to make the reports to the families. Info: Get vaccinated in Puglia.


Basilicata invites non-compliant families to go to the ASL to book vaccinations. Parents of children who have had all vaccinations must fill in a form declaring that they are in good standing, to be presented to the schools. Info: Basilicata Region.


An agreement is being planned with the Regional Education Office to have the names of the school pupils and to have the health authorities work on them.

of the city

The schools have until 5 September to send their lists to the ASL, which then contact the non-compliant families, soliciting them with an official convocation. For those who do not show up there will be a home visit. It is estimated that the maximum number of people who will have to be recovered from vaccinations in the city is 191.136.


In Sardinia, families with children from 0 to 6 years old must submit the documentation by 10 September for the enrollment of children in kindergarten, for other levels of education the deadline is 31 October. By March 2022, checks will be made on the parents' declarations.

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