Constipation in pregnancy, causes and remedies

You haven't been to the bathroom for several days and you feel swollen like a balloon? You would pay good money to get yours back intestinal regularity and every time you see Alessia Marcuzzi advertising bifidus actiregularis, would you want to kill her? It is not needed. You can say stop constipation with water and legumes. Simple isn't it?

Together with nausea, the constipation is one of the most frequent ailments in pregnancy. If you suffer from it it will certainly not be comforting, but know that it affects almost half of pregnant women. And the bad news is that it can come at any point in time gestation: at the beginning, in the second trimester or at the very end, when you thought you got away with it.

- hormones responsible for constipation gestational are two: the progesterone andaldosterone.

The first causes the constipation of the first weeks of pregnancy. THE'hormone it has a muscle relaxant action that avoids contractions of the uterus, but also intestinal ones which, in practice, are the ones that evacuate. By decreasing the intensity of peristaltic contractions, the progesterone causes dehydrated and firm stools, which in other words means constipation

The situation becomes more complicated since the fourth month of pregnancy (cheers!): the volume of the uterus increases to make room for yours bimbo which grows, but at the same time hinders the fecal transit.

The maximum (so to speak, of course) is during the third quarter when levels increase aldosterone, that is, thehormone which makes it absorb more liquid ed electrolytes further slowing intestinal motility.

What to do? To fight the constipation in pregnancy you have to start from table: the most effective method is represented by the regular intake of at least two liters ofwater per day. Some of you will just have to drink a glass ofwater hot on an empty stomach, others will need something else. 

La diet must be full of fibers e vegetable. Never miss it cereals integral, vegetable (both fresh and dried are fine water the latter the night before to avoid swelling), vegetables e fruit. Are foods which contain a lot water and ensure the right amount of trace elements and trace elements essential for the health of child.

Among the foods high percentage of water there are cucumbers (97%), watermelon (95%), tomatoes and lettuce (94%), yellow squash (94%), courgettes (88%).

Also, it is good to assume alimony rich in cellulose such as radicchio, kiwi, plums and figs. Green light to the yogurt latest generation containing Probiotics (Marcuzzi is back!), with wholemeal bread and pasta. If you want dispassionate advice, forget about alcohol, carbonated drinks, foods spicy, spicy and fried.  

Don't take your own initiative with regards to hiring herbal teas, mixtures of Herbs e laxatives: do not permanently resolve yours constipation, must be taken in moderation and always under control medical health insurance.

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