Cough, cold or flu? 10 tips to immediately feel better

Cough, cold or flu? 10 tips to immediately feel better
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You wake up with your throat on fire. Then the cough and a runny nose also appear. You can't do anything about it, you're getting sick. And there is really no cure for flu and cold.

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However, there are some things you can do to feel a little better right away.

Here are the tips from the WebMD site for ko moms with a cold, cough, or flu.

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Drink a lot

It helps a lot to hydrate when you are cold or clogged. It also helps prevent headaches and fatigue that are caused by dehydration. Always keep a glass or bottle of water close at hand. And forget about caffeinated coffee and sodas. But also alcohol.

Go to bed

Being curled up under the covers helps, especially when the children are in kindergarten or school. But don't stay up late watching TV - not getting enough rest can help weaken your immune system and make it harder for it to fight germs.

Go to sleep early and get as much rest as possible during the day.

Does the flu keep you up late? Try using more pillows to raise your head. If you are cold, it will help you breathe better.

Gargle with salt water

They can relieve a sore throat. Put about a quarter, half teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and wait until dissolved. Then gargle.

Take it easy

When you are sick, your body needs to fight against the infection. And it needs energy more than usual. For this reason, your priority must be rest. As much as possible.

If you can, stay home from work or get away from it all and relax until you feel better.

Sip a hot drink

How good is it to have a nice hot drink when you're not feeling well? In addition, researchers have shown that heat can relieve cold or cough symptoms. Try to sip hot, caffeine-free drinks.

Try honey

With a cough, a nice spoonful of honey can relieve that "sandpaper" throat feeling. In one study, researchers have shown that babies who take a spoonful of honey before bed can sleep better and cough less at night than those who take a placebo.

Honey is also good dissolved in a cup of decaffeinated tea or lemon water. A caution: do not give it to children under one year of age due to the Botox risk. (Read also: cough in children)

Take a hot shower

It's good to take a hot shower and breathe in some steam when your throat hurts or you have a cold. Heat can also help relax the muscles.

Try nasal washes

They can provide relief, even if it is temporary. And they can help you blow your nose.

Try the chicken soup

Chicken soup can really help you out when you're not feeling well. Several researches have shown that it can help calm inflammation. Plus, this meal helps you get the fluids and calories that give your body the right amount of energy.


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