Covid, here is the salivary test for children: it is as reliable as the swab

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New salivary test for children

Customer Service e less invasive of the usual nasopharyngeal swab: the new one is ready salivary test for the detection of coronavirus COVID-2 which, although also suitable for adults, has been specially designed for children by a research team of the State University of our city coordinated by Professor Gianvincenzo Zuccotti

In fact, this tool saves the little ones the nuisance caused by normal tampon, but does not reduce it reliability, which indeed has proven itself higher than that of rapid salivary tests used so far (those that look for the antigens and return the result within about 15 minutes).

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The authors of the research

The new salivary swabs were made by a team of four researchers - Elisa Borghi, Daniela Carmagnola, claudia dellavia e Valentina Massa - optimizing a protocol made publicly available by theYale University and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the body that manages and controls the US pharmaceutical system.

“In recent months we have been wondering how we would spend the winter with the children forced to swab every time they caught a cold, frequent in the cold months "explained Elisa Borghi in an interview with ANSA. Thus, after contacting their colleagues from overseas, the Del Paesene scientists also began working last September on a new type of diagnostic test, which has already been tried out with more than encouraging results on a sample of over 100 people between the ages of zero and 80.

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How do they work?

The new salivary test identifies subjects with high viral load in the saliva even when they are pre-symptomatic e asymptomatic, a feature that will allow to identify - and isolate - quickly isolate the so-called "super speakers" which, according to what experts tell us, are responsible for 80% of infections.

The extraction of the saliva sample takes place through the insertion of a small cotton roll under the tongue (like that of dentists) and can be done independently, even at home. To obtain the result, however, you will have to contact a laboratory, which will be able to return results within 24 hours.

Like the nasopharyngeal swab, the salivary test presents 96% reliability and in the coming weeks it will be used on groups of Milanese children to enhance the health tracking system.

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