Covid pregnancy vaccine: interference with other vaccines

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Covid pregnancy vaccine: interference with other vaccines

Le vaccinations against Covid-19 they aim to cover a large part of the population. To date, in Del Paese, only the 0-11 age group is excluded from the vaccination plan, while it is being discussed to insert the obligation for the rest of the age groups. Pregnant women also get vaccinated, as advised by many doctors and experts. Covid vaccine pregnancy, interference with other vaccines, side effects, effects on the baby ... Let's try to clarify to reassure future mothers.

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  • Covid vaccine and other vaccines: interference?
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Get vaccinated against Covid during pregnancy

The Ministry of Health, through AIFA, ensures that they are not there contraindications to the administration of Covid vaccines for pregnant women. Many doctors advise their patients to get vaccinated, particularly when they are already there risk factors such as obesity, being over the age of 35 or even previous illnesses. Some regions, such as the city, have organized open day especially for women pregnant, while others, such as Lombardy, have expressly recommended vaccination during pregnancy. 

In an appeal signed by the main categories (SIP, SIN, SIGO, etc.) pediatricians, neonatologists and gynecologists ask the Ministry to push vaccination during pregnancy.

The vaccines given to pregnant women are those a mRNA, i.e. Pfizer and Moderna. These are vaccines that they do not contain live viruses, safe in pregnancy.

The other vaccines to do in pregnancy

By now the guidelines of the Ministry deem some necessary vaccines in pregnancy. In addition to that for the flu - free for pregnant women - it is recommended to perform with each new pregnancy, even if you are on a par with the vaccination schedule and have been vaccinated during other pregnancies, at DTPa, i.e. the vaccine against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis. This type of vaccine does not contain live viruses, just like the one against Covid, and it is safe - as well as necessary - in pregnancy. 

Pregnancy and pertussis vaccine

Whooping cough is a very serious bacterial infection which, if it affects the Infants, can have serious consequences, even leading to death in 1-2 cases out of 1000. To protect the newborn from this eventuality, especially before it can in turn get vaccinated (at three months), it is important that the pregnant woman gets vaccinated in the last trimester of pregnancy, thus passing the antibodies also to the fetus.

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Covid vaccine and other vaccines: interference?

Since the live virus free vaccinations, both the one against Covid and the DTPa or the anti-flu are secure and do not present risks for pregnant woman. In any case, a note from the Lombardy Region reads the recommendation to carry out the two vaccinations in one minimum distance of 14 days, also to be able to observe the reaction to one or the other.

If you have already had one of these vaccines, therefore, talk to your doctor or vaccination center before undergoing another vaccination: it is very important to evaluate case by case based on the physical state of the pregnant woman.

Vaccines to be done before pregnancy

If you are planning to become pregnant, find out first what kind of vaccines you need to have, or need to be boostered. In fact, those against measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and papilloma virus are recommended. Both MMR and chickenpox are contraindicated in pregnancy, so it is important to have them done at least one month before starting to look for a child. The risks are not only for the fetus, but also for the mother. So if you are planning a pregnancy and you have not yet regularized your vaccinations, talk to your doctor to understand what to do if you are already vaccinated against Covid or want to do it. Also in this case, in fact, it is advisable to wait two weeks.

Covid vaccine and anti-D immunoprophylaxis

Women with Rh negative blood group they have to undergo, in pregnancy, the so-called anti-D immunoprophylaxis. Those with Rh negative can in fact develop one immune response against the red blood cells of the fetus, in case the child is Rh positive (so the father should be). It is about an intramuscular injection performed at the 28th week, which prevents the formation of maternal antibodies. There are no contraindications to the close administration of vaccines with non-live viruses and anti-D immunoprophylaxis, but if you have received the Covid vaccine, report it to those who follow you anyway.

Studies did not reveal any interactions either interference in close administration of the Covid vaccine and other vaccines, but in Del Paese it is still advisable to wait fourteen days between two doses of different vaccines.


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