Covid vaccine and breastfeeding

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Covid vaccine and breastfeeding

If at first the news and information on the Covid vaccine were fragmentary and not clear for everyone, today we have much more certainties and above all the scientific community has clarified several points: one of these concerns precisely Covid vaccine and breastfeeding.

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  • Does the vaccine make the milk go away?
  • Does the vaccine pass into breast milk?

What is the anti Covid vaccine used for

Before explaining what the experts say about pregnant women and have recently given birth, it is good to make a clarification: the Covid vaccine it does not offer immunity, that is, once vaccinated you can still contract the disease. But the same vaccine is fundamental for several reasons: the first concerns the health of the individual person, because a vaccinated it has very little chance of becoming infected, but also a much lower chance of developing serious consequences. In fact, in 95% of cases, they end up in rianimazione and to risk the death are unvaccinated patients. Secondly, it is important to get vaccinated to limit the contagion, because in addition to having very few chances of getting infected, they have just as little chance of infecting others, especially frail people and those who cannot get vaccinated. Among these, of course, are infants and very young children.

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Anti-covid vaccine and breastfeeding

You will therefore understand that it is essential to protect categories at risk getting vaccinated to limit the spread of the infection: i Infants, in fact, they are more fragile because they have not yet developed immune responses adequate, for this in case of Covid infection they are at greater risk than older children or adults, even in the absence of previous pathologies. If you did not get vaccinated during pregnancy, it is therefore important to do so now that your baby is born. 

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How the anti-Covid vaccine works

Initially the data on the anti-Covid vaccination su pregnant women e have recently given birth they were limited, because the administration in these categories was still low. But the scientific world has always emphasized that the technology of vaccines against Covid it has no mechanism that it can impair breastfeeding

There are two types of Covid vaccine:

  • those a m, which do not contain live viruses and do not act on the DNA in any way
  • those with non-replicating viral vector (i.e. using an inactivated virus as a vector), using a vector already administered in other trials, such as the one for the Ebola vaccine, with positive results

In any case, to pregnant women and in nursing a mRNA vaccine, Then Pfizer o Modern.

Does the vaccine make the milk go away?

While no official studies exist, there is no evidence that the Covid vaccine have consequences on breastfeeding. Experts therefore advise to evaluate together with your doctor risks and benefits of vaccination, where risks refer to any health problems and vaccine incompatibility for the mother. On the other hand, the risks of complications if a newborn takes Covid are higher, so it would be better to give priority to prevention, especially if you hang out with other people. 

Does the vaccine pass into breast milk?

No, the cow does not pass into breast milk. Recent studies have shown that there is no presence of the vaccine in the milk of the vaccinated mothers, while what passes is a small dose of antibodies which protects the respiratory tract of newborns. We also remind you that, once injected, the mRNA vaccine vanishes in a short time, after activating the body's immune response. 

Get vaccinated during pregnancy it is important, but also during breastfeeding il Covid vaccine it can be safely administered to mothers, who thus protect themselves and the breastfeeding newborn


COVID vaccines and breastfeeding: what the data say

Vaccination against COVID-19 in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Circular of the Ministry

Interim guidance on "Vaccination against COVID-19 in pregnancy and breastfeeding"

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