Cribs for the newborn: here are 10 models to choose from

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Modern or retro, with or without hood, with wheels or rocking: the universe of cradles is truly and immense and choosing is not always easy. Here, in the gallery, some ideas that range from various styles, materials, structures and colors: the task of deciding which one is most suitable for your baby is up to you!

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Rocking chair effect

If your child only falls asleep when he is gently cradled, here is the cradle for him! Rocker Napper easily converts from a play bouncer to a comfortable cradle for bedtime. Delicate oscillating movements in the 3 reclining positions: the rocking is activated by moving the seat with one hand and can be blocked by positioning the stop at the base. The seat vibrates gently to make the baby relax, the vibration is activated with a button on the side, raises the edges to transform the bouncer into a cradle. The musical game has nine different melodies to entertain the child, stimulating the senses and encouraging him to develop the ability to grasp objects. You can increase the level of stimulation of the child at any time: move the bouncer back and forth, add vibrations and draw the child's attention using the colorful toys. Its dimensions: 75 x 77 x 45,7 cm

Price: € 99.90

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The most welcoming cradle

The classic model cradle with curtain that protects the baby from light and mosquitoes is delightful. This object can be used both as a single cot and as a cot to be placed next to the parents' bed, because the side rail is removable. One of the important details of this cot is that it is equipped with tissue boxes included in the package, which allow you to store clean diapers, wipes, bodysuits and changes and everything that can be used for the care of the newborn. To promote the baby's sleep, it is equipped with a rocking chair and can also be transformed very easily into a comfortable and practical sofa. Included in the package are the mattress, bed linen, bumpers, canopy and canopy support, as well as the swing seat and 4 self-braking castors supplied. The sleeping surface is 80x43 cm, while the total dimensions of the product are 95 x 48 x 145 cm.

Price: € 176.77

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In a vibrant lemon yellow

LullaGo is the compact and light cradle that can be easily transported from one room to another in the house and is the ideal solution even on vacation or with grandparents. It offers the baby a comfortable space to rest. It is equipped with a padded mattress and mesh inserts to ensure proper ventilation for the child. The closing system is very simple and allows you to assemble and disassemble the cradle in a few seconds. It can be transported thanks to the transport bag. The use of the cot is allowed up to a maximum weight of 9 kg. Dimensions: L92x H76 x P50. Closed dimensions: L57, 5 x H17, 5 x P52. Weight: 7 kg.

Price: € 101.94

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To keep close to the Latvian

Specially designed to grow with the baby, the crib Allegra is a side-by-side cradle designed to be close to your baby the very first days of life, a traditional cradle (which can be stable in position next to the parents' bed, made swinging to cradle the baby or mobile by inserting the wheels to be able to transfer it from one room to another), a play container, a comfortable sofa for children and a desk to sit on. So you can use this product from birth to early childhood. The height of the cradle is adjustable. Comes complete with textile set: padded bumper for 4 sides + coordinated removable duvet. Quality breathable mattress included. The side panel is adjustable, foldable and removable. In lacquered pine wood Dimensions: 85cm x 53cm x 80 / 104cm.

Price: € 229

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Perfect for traveling

Il Kiduku Travel Bed with second shelf for babies is the perfect companion for your children on all trips and allows the little ones of the house to sleep in a fantastic way. When disassembled, it measures just 76 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm which makes it super compact, so it can be transported in almost any vehicle. At just 9,4 kg, it is also very light. The polyester used is very robust and can be cleaned easily. The second shelf in the scope of delivery makes changing nappies a breeze. For storing accessories you can use the pocket with elastic (40 cm x 36 cm) located on the front of the bed. The net on the hips (96 cm x 37 cm) provides exchange and circulation of air to the children who are lying inside. Children who are a little more independent can enter the cot by themselves via a lockable zipper on the back. The stability of the bow is sufficient for hanging additional soft toys or other toys. Assembly is easy: the safety under the Kiduku logo must lock, then press the bottom completely down. The front-mounted wheels ensure easy bed movement and are equipped with locking brakes. Included are the carrying bag with handle, the changing mat shelf, the external pocket, the entrance for children who go to bed alone, the mattress. Available in six colors (see image). Internal measurement: 120 cm x 60 cm. Internal height: 63 cm. Ground clearance: about 11 cm. Open size: 126cm (top length) 130cm (total length) x 82cm (height) x 58cm (top width) 76cm (total width) Folded size: 76cm x 23cm x 23cm. At just 9,4 kg, it is also very light.

Price: € 57.99

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Scandinavian style

Stokke Sleepi Mini is the first cot for your baby. Its characteristic oval shape resembles that of a nest and offers the child a sense of security. Thanks to the adjustable height and the ability to grow with him, Stokke Sleepi adapts to the needs of childhood, also in terms of size, always guaranteeing a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. The bed takes up little space and the wheels with brakes make it easy to move. Thanks to a width of only 67 cm, it can be moved even in the tightest spaces. The height-adjustable mattress base makes it easier for you to place and lift your baby. The bars and the perforated base for the mattress ensure maximum air circulation. Made of beech wood, solid and durable. Hypoallergenic and non-deformable polyurethane foam mattress, with removable cover. Weight: 16 kg. Product size (length x height x width): 82x87x67cm

Price: € 489

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Unisex in apple green

Delicious, cheerful and unisex there canopy cradle in shades of apple green, white and with a colorful striped fabric. The structure of the cradle is in solid wood and MDF, painted white. This cradle, then, once the side rail has been removed, can be easily incorporated into the double bed and transformed into a bench, to facilitate nighttime breastfeeding and the proximity of the baby to the mother. Before use, it is recommended to wash the various fabrics of which it is made separately once, using a delicate detergent and without optical brightener, at a washing temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. It is recommended to wash the garment inside out. Can be tumble dried. The dimensions of the crib: height with canopy: 147 cm, height without canopy: 75 cm, width: 45 cm, depth: 90 cm, lying surface and seat: 85 x 43 cm.

Price: € 231.90

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With a tender giraffe

The cot Jungle Friends Deluxe it is practical for your travels. It closes like an umbrella and can be moved easily thanks to the two wheels. It is equipped with a comfortable removable changing mat, mosquito net, hood with nice toys, side zip, rear storage pocket and kit for adjusting the height of the mattress. Basic mattress and carrying bag are included. The 120x60cm mattress can be purchased separately. Open dimensions: 75x120x77 cm; Closed dimensions: 30x78cm. Weight: 11,5 kg.

Price: € 79.99

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Hyperclassic and with a decorative house

l Children's bed CAM house, with a fun and creative style emphasized by a colorful house, it is perfect for all children. Equipped with double position of the net: for the newborn it is placed at the top, thus facilitating the work of the mother, when, on the other hand, the child is able to climb and needs high sides to avoid falling, it settles at the bottom. It also has a glove box, two movable sides with anti-bite protection and four wheels, two of which with safety brakes, finished with non-toxic paints and with beech slats, it is also super practical and comfortable. Dimensions: H 105,50 x D 78,50 x L 133

Price: € 307

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Green water color

Baby Hug is the 4 in 1 solution designed by Chicco laboratories to accompany the child in his daily growth, from birth up to 3 years. Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 contains four different products: the cradle that allows the baby to sleep peacefully in the first months of life, the raised bouncer that brightens up his day with the play bar, the high chair to eat with mum and dad, the table chair for his first meals alone. The management of the daily routine becomes simple, thanks to the continuous height adjustment system and the four rotating wheels, which allow parents to always have the little one with them in every room of the house.

Price: € 249

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