Cultural association of pediatricians: vaccines and autism, no link

Cultural association of pediatricians: vaccines and autism, no link

Vaccines do not cause autism. Pediatricians reiterate the concept already expressed last month following the decision of the prosecutor of Trani to appoint a commission of experts to ascertain the validity of the complaint of the parents of two autistic children. Read also the open letter on Vaccines and Autism

In this case, it is the Cultural Association of Pediatricians to report - in an open letter to the Minister of Health Lorenzin, the Guarantor for Infancy Spadafora and the Media and Minors Code Application Committee of the Ministry of Economic Development, '' the serious work of health disinformation carried out by the service of the TV program Le Iene - signed by the 'hyena' Matteo Viviani - aired last May 28 ''.

According to the pediatricians' complaint, '' the message during the service was clear: vaccines can cause autism and cerebral palsy ''.

Pediatricians underline instead that according to the international scientific literature, '' the moment in which the damage that will lead to autism occurs is located in the prenatal phase of brain development '' and that '' the 'Postvaccinal autistic syndrome' does not exist, it is a false historian ''.

Therefore: '' We ask the competent institutions - they affirm in the letter - to intervene so that anyone who deals with such complex topics does so with responsibility, scientific rigor and moderation and above all in the real general interest and not for sensational purposes ''.

Furthermore: '' Services on the mass media such as that of the Hyenas represent a serious act of arbitrary intervention against public health because they create alarmism in families, inevitably producing the result of removing parents from vaccinations.

We will never tire of reiterating that with the reduction of vaccination coverage, diseases and their complications will increase, today prevented by vaccines.



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