Dad and myopia, the alarm of the ophthalmologists

Dad and myopia, the alarm of the ophthalmologists
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Dad and myopia

The worried and worrying voices about the consequences of distance learning on Del Paeseni children and adolescents are now arriving from many quarters. Psychologists, pediatricians, teachers and now also ophthalmologists talk about it: in fact, there would be a connection between dad and myopia increasing.

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The damage of the dad

After two years of intermittent school, closures (in particular for secondary school children), quarantines, tampons and stops of extracurricular activities, the damage is now evident: never so bad at the Invalsi tests, school dropouts, cultural level and falling grades free, but also psychological distress. Anxiety, stress, depression, Hikikomori-type attitude, eating disorders: all problems that have exacerbated since the beginning of pandemic. To all this is added, in fact, the worsening of vision for the whole population but even more for students. 

Because with dad, vision gets worse

The data are not yet certain, it will take a few years to be able to sum up the consequences of the pandemic on the mental, physical and even cultural health of today's young people, but thepediatric ophthalmologist Giuliano Stramare, from the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital in Negrar di Verona seems quite certain: the increase in eye examinations in the last period does not bode well. 

Obviously among those responsible for the loss of vision and in particular of myopia, therefore the loss of the ability to focus and see well from afar, there is the use of electronic devices. More than I use, in the last two years we can safely talk about abuse, as children and young people are forced to follow the online lessons often - when not always, for the older ones - and the little ones are allowed many hours in front of the TV, tablet or mobile phone to pass the time while their parents have to work in smart working

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Tips not to make your eyesight worse

It is therefore important, given the growing number of people and in particular of minors who turn to to the ophthalmologist complaining eye discomfort, heartburn and worsened vision, try to prevent complaints and in some cases myopia. In case your children have ailments such as burning, headache, excessive tearing, it may be useful to see a specialist to evaluate the use of a pair of glasses, for example with protective lenses against blue lights emitted from the screens. 

Likewise, it would be advisable to follow a few small tricks: 

  • take breaks between lessons, moving away completely from the screen
  • remember beat the eyelids frequently
  • use i devices at the right height and distance from the eyes

It is also important that both the smallest and the oldest "detach" from electronic devices. But not only by switching to another activity at home, perhaps TV: specialists recommend going out because one of the main causes of myopia is less exposure to natural light. The best solution would be to spend an hour in the open air, in the light of day, for every hour spent at the screens but we know that it is a utopia. 

To fight against the myopia caused by dad, therefore, remember to go out with your children or allow them to do so. 

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