Dad: if it were a job he would have a salary of 2.800 euros a month

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What would the salary be for dads?

Dad: educator and playmate

Il Pope is an important point of reference for children, especially in this difficult moment that we are experiencing due to the Coronavirus emergency: children ask for protection and help to understand what is happening around them. Dad plays a role as an educator, but these days he's an ever-present playmate.

On the occasion of father's day of 19 march,, a portal of supply and demand for professional services, has tried to evaluate what would be the salary of dads, if they were paid for the work they do every day.

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The duties performed by the father

How was the salary calculated?

There are many tasks performed by the father: he is a chef but also an animator, sometimes it becomes private driver and if necessary gardener... in short, a dad should earn € 2.800 a month.

The salary was calculated taking into consideration all the activities carried out, and the relative ones hourly wages received by those who practice these professions, drawing on a database of 600.000 professionals, divided into 500 categories of services.

Here are what they are the tasks of the father in the family.


More and more fathers take care of entertaining their children and sometimes their friends too, especially on weekends. For this role of animators, fathers should receive an hourly wage of 50 euros.

Chef at home

It is often a shared task between mom and dad. As a private chef, the father could earn up to 55 euros per diner.

Help for homework

The father offers a private tutor service which usually costs 20 euros per hour.

Psychological counseling

It is advice on how to manage the small and large problems that children may encounter at school or during adolescence, a professionalism that could cost up to 55 euros per hour.

Private driver

The father often accompanies his children on the journey from school to home, but also to the playful or sporting activities that the children play: a convenient service that, if paid, would provide a fee of around 18 euros per hour.


As for the management of the house, here is that the dads improvise handyman, from plumber to electrician: they fix appliances, intervene on a leak in the faucet, repair chandeliers, for an average cost of 30 euros, calculating half an hour of service.

Dads often do activities likewhitewashing of the walls, the cost of which on a floor area of ​​90 square meters is around 800 euros, or IKEA furniture assembly for a price starting from 100 euros.
Finally, don't forget the garden care: lawn mowing can cost 10 euros per hour.


Taking into account the monthly commitment for each service, it is calculated that a salary for fathers is equal to 2800 per month. Not bad, right?

And the mothers?

An American research has calculated that mothers deserve a manager's salary: well 7 thousand euros per month. There are 94 hours per week in which a mother of a family is busy on average in her "office" tasks, both inside and outside the home.

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