Daughters: 10 tips for parents to raise strong and confident girls

Daughters: 10 tips for parents to raise strong and confident girls
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Women have made a lot of progress in terms of rights and jobs. But even today, raising daughters is not easy. Our girls face an insidious enemy: the model of the perfect woman proposed by advertising, television, cinema,

But not everyone knows that there is very little truth in those women.

Often they are only the result of expert photographic retouching. But in front of those images, real or fake they are, an adolescent girl can go into crisis, because her "real" body cannot hold a candle to such a model of beauty.

This is why it is so important that parents work to help their daughters build a solid self-esteem that goes beyond physical appearance and is based, instead, on very different values.

1 Be a good role model: Be the first to accept your body

Moms have a huge impact on their daughters' body image.

Be the first to show yourself safe and relaxed towards your body.

So avoid asking all the time if your clothes make you look fat.

Furthermore, don't always be seen on a diet and above all, avoid what the American psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair calls the "morality of orality": that is, associating food with concepts such as "good" or "bad", for example by saying phrases such as that you feel guilty for having eaten a particularly gluttonous food that you shouldn't have eaten because it makes you fat.

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2 Teach her to be critical of the media

Watch television with her and comment on what you see. She will help you develop a critical eye on the influence of the media. And beware of fashion magazines that go around the house. "Research has shown that after 15 minutes of looking at a fashion magazine, the mood shifts from curiosity to dejection by confronting your body," says Steiner-Adair.

3 Encourage her to make decisions on her own

Make her understand for herself what she wants and what she needs. Don't take her place, but ask her what she wants. Let her choose and respect her decision.

4 Enroll her in a team sport

Some research has shown that there is a correlation between girls who play team sports, such as volleyball or basketball, and higher self-esteem. This because girls are judged by other companions based on how they play and not on their physical appearance or for the success they have with the kids.

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5 Avoid compliments related to physical appearance

Make an effort not to constantly tell her "how beautiful you are" or other phrases related to physical appearance, better praise her for what she is and what she does. The same goes for other girls. Don't give weight to aesthetics but to people's values.

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6 Help her cultivate a talent

Encourage her to undertake activities that help her to have confidence in herself. Maria Rooney, a psychologist expert in teenagers, suggests that to encourage girls to do activities such as theater, music, art. Anything that helps them express themselves through creativity.

7 Praise her for her efforts, not her results

Focus less on the result and give importance to the efforts made and the skills achieved. Skill is built with confidence and learning to tolerate failures: this is how resilience is built.


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8 Do not criticize the physical appearance of other women

And don't let the males of the house do it. Don't even let children make fun of themselves about food or physical appearance. It can be really harmful.

9 Fathers must not treat the daughter like a bridesmaid

Daughters are not to be considered small defenseless beings. And fathers should have the same attitude they have towards boys. So, dad, teach the girls to change the wheel of the car too!

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10 Let your daughter know that you love her unconditionally

Your daughter needs to know that you love her despite her looks, her way of dressing, or the way she does things ... Because although teenagers are very influenced by the judgments of friends, what their parents think of them is much more important than you think.

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