Diet during pregnancy: fill up on fruit and vegetables

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Consulting of the doctor Diana Scatozza, Doctor Specialist in Nutrition Science with a dietological-diet therapy address in our city.

  • Vegetable: It provides a significant amount of fiber, which is why it is ideal consume at least two large portions a day: at lunch, after the pasta dish, and at dinner as a side dish to the second, in the quantity you want. You can choose all types of vegetables, the advice is to follow your tastes and seasonality, in order to guarantee fresher and more nutrient-rich products. Ok both raw and cooked (preferring, however, not too elaborate cooking methods), to be combined even during the same meal.

  • Fruit: It is essential for its supply of vitamins and mineral salts, just do not abuse them, because it brings sugars (fructose) that are rapidly absorbed. It is great as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. The right dose? One large fruit, such as an orange, apple or pear, or two small fruits, such as kiwis, mandarins, apricots. Better though always consume seasonal fruits and limit fruits that are too sugary, such as grapes, figs or bananas. The fruits par excellence are apples and pears, which have a good satiating power and a caloric content that is not too high.

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